Google Nexus 7 16GB Tablet (2013 Model)

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Google Nexus 7 16GB Tablet (2013 Model)
Price: $169.99
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I bought one of these from Woot in the tail end of 2014. The only issue I’ve had was the period between the initial update to Android 5 and the 5.0.2 update a few days ago when it had charging issues, but other than that it’s fantastic and it’s been a reliable tablet.

Excellent Reviews over at B&H Photo

Android sucks, but this is a lot of good hardware for the price and guaranteed OS upgrades for the life of the tablet – with another brand you end up getting stuck behind at least for months, never getting security updates in a timely manner. If you’re going to go Android for a tablet, this is probably the best deal around (for a 7")

I bought this when it was offered last fall to have a portable pdf reader for a series of lectures I was going to attend. I’ve been surprised how useful it’s been and how much more use I’ve gotten out of it. It’s been solid, holds a charge surprisingly well and has and has excellent graphics (I’ve been watching much more video since getting the bloody thing. Was a good buy.
Android does suck though.

This is a great little tablet for the money. Very compact and portable with a bright & crisp screen. Ran everything I tried smoothly. Can’t remember any problems.
The screen shattered. I left for work and everything was fine. I got to work and the screen was shattered. Not a simple crack, but cracks all over the screen. Made the tablet completely unusable. Touch wasn’t registered anywhere.
The thing wasn’t ever dropped or mis-handled. I kept it in a protective case. I can’t recover any of my data because I have the thing encrypted and can’t enter my code.
If you do a quick internet search, you’ll find this is a common problem. The screen is NOT “Gorilla Glass” and is susceptible to spontaneous cracking. You’ve been warned.

Rapid & timely updates from Google.
Powerful enough for most uses and games.
Sharp & crisp screen with great color.
Compact and portable.
Good value.
Good battery life.

Fragile screen!!
Limited and non-expandable memory. (Can’t even use OTG USB memory drives without hacks)
Unremarkable cameras.

Final thoughts:
I purchased mine about 6 months ago from another (very reputable) site for $105 after a mail-in-rebate, refurbished. This price isn’t bad, but not spectacular.
I just purchased my replacement, a newer model from Asus, the ME572. It’s basically an updated version of the Nexus 7, AND IT HAS A MICRO-SD SLOT! Upgradable storage! What a concept. It’s also $150 NEW at Best Buy right now.

Sorry this was so long. I hope someone finds it helpful.

Similar Kindle HDX at best buy for with free shipping for $10 more than this. My wife has this kindle and reads a lot. So many choices

A little surprised these are still haven’t gone down in price more. I guess they were already scraping the bottom of the barrel on pricing to begin with though. But this has been the refurb price from months ago, I just thought it would be lower on Woot.

You can get this, download the Kindle app for free and save your $10. You’ll have so much more than an e-reader, if and when the need arises.

The lights were low and I didn't see the tablet when I grabbed the apron and sure enough, the tablet went flying and hit the tiled kitchen floor

Two cracks starting in the upper left hand corner, but neither goes through to the screen thanks be to God

There's a local firm that replaces glass in electronic devices...they wanted $150 to replace the cracked glass in this tablet.  They're out of their minds.  It would be cheaper for us to buy this tablet from W00T and have a second Google Nexus 7, if we needed a 2nd tablet (we don't)

I'm mainly using a 10" Windows Surface running RT (Windows 8.0).  It's fun to switch between the two tablets.  I like the faster speed the Nexus 7 has but I enjoy the bigger screen size on the 10" Windows Surface

I would ask you to enlighten us as to why it “sucks”. But let me save you some energy.

Let me quote Forbes magazine from a recent comparison they published comparing Androd 5.0 to its competition:

“Comparing the iOS 8 and Android 5.0 Lollipop is a shock, because for the first time in Android history it has become more design focused than iOS. The ugly duckling is finally a swan. Its design is both visual, instructional and altogether more ambitious.”

And still, that entire article fails to acknowledge the primary reason why Android is superior to all Operating Systems (with the exception of Linux)… Yea, you guessed it:

“Open Source”… i.e. “for the people, by the people”.

Woot seldom has the best price anymore. A4C had these for $150 refurbed around Christmas time. Check their site about once a week and you’ll probably see it again.

Even over a year old, this tablet might be the best on the market. Too bad Google abandoned this for a very expensive 9 inch. I have bought 4, 2 for family members and 2 for myself. I own a 012 model, but it got very slow with the Lollipop update. When Groupon offered some 013 models for $150 2 months ago, I grabbed one. With the latest updates they perform about the same - perfectly. This model has 2 speakers and pretty good stereo sound separation - though could be louder. A 7 inch is the perfect size for one hand or a 2nd screen while you are watching tv. The screen is bright and crystal clear. I don’t know how many 2013 models are left, but this might be your last chance to grab a new one - and get a Nexus (with guaranteed fast OS updates) at a reasonable price.

I really like this tablet, but unfortunately, we had two bad ones before we got a good one. They have some serious quality control issues.

Not a good deal.

Just bought a replacement for my Nexus 7 2012 tablet. Expandable memory was a must have.

Bought the Asus Memo 7 ME572 at local BB for $150 couple days ago. Better specs all around, including gorilla glass.

Found several excellent Windows 8.1 tablets in this price range too. Some include Office. DH has one - needed Windows for work purposes. No issues whatsoever in terms of performance though app choices more limited.

OR, you could go to Best Buy, and pick up what was rumored to be the next Google Nexus tablet, before Google decided to go their own way.

Oh yeah, it’s got a micro-SDHC slot, so you’re not stuck using (and paying for) Google’s cloud. And it’s cheaper than this one.

Kick-a$$ little tablet, I picked one up before Christmas, for myself.

This is the best tablet I have and I have to deal with the motion and gyro sensors being inconsistent. This is a common issues if you look for “auto rotate fails nexus 2013”…

I think 150 is a better price point but I would stock up on this if I hadn’t just gotten a galaxy 8.4 pro.

Why its better IMHO has to do with form factor. Its big enough for video content and small enough to fit in your pocket. The other reason is lollipop 5.2…

Screen resolution is solid even today from a DPI standpoint. I can’t really justify this price though. $150 shipped, after taxes and I might just get a backup.

I had a 7 inch tablet and I loved the size, but I found that an 8 inch is the sweet spot. Still easy to hold with one hand and not as unwieldy as a 10 inch while laying in bed. I went with this one.

$180 for a newer tablet with a bit more screen real estate. You will miss out on Google’s timely android updates, but I’ve received several updates already so I have high hopes for Lenovo keeping this tablet up to date. It’s very fast but hasn’t been updated yet to lollipop which will take full advantage of the 64 bit processor and make this great tablet even faster.

Hmmm, grabbing some extra profit, eh Woot? This used to be the price for the 32GB unit.

Still, these are decent tablets. I’ve got several (both 16 & 32gb). DeviceWear makes a great case for them, mine’s been dropped twice while in it and survived without a scratch. The others I’ve got in Cruzerlite and Bobj cases, both are likewise good at protecting the units while still allowing the Qi wireless charging to function.