Google Nexus 7 16GB Tablet (2013 Model)

Just picked one of these up from amazon for about 10 bucks more. Seems to be a pretty solid tablet so far (literally had it for three days now), responsive, decent screen etc.
My only real complaint has absolutely NOTHING to do with the tablet but the way Android works. When you unbox this thing, be prepared to spend some time updating…mine shipped with 4.4.2 I think…and because of how android updates I had to update to 4.4.3, then to 4.4.4., then to 5.0 then to 5.0.1 and so on. All told I think I sat there for about an hour, hour and a half before I was actually able to start setting the thing up.

Not an apple fanboy, but this is one of the ways where apple still wins - your phone is on ios 7? No problem, we will jump you right to 8.1.3…

But again, not the tablet’s fault. Device seems pretty solid and a damn good buy for the price. Wish it supported SD cards but I knew that going in. 16 gb is plenty of memory for my base apps and what i wanted to use the thing for.

These were $130 on numerous occasions last year on woot. Bought one for my mother. She seems to love it. Please don’t buy it at this price.

If anyone thinks “android sucks”, they have not seen anything until they use a Kindle. Kindle runs a gimped version of android with no Google services, which means no Google Play apps, no Gmail, no Google Maps…nothing which makes android useful. With Kindle, you are forever stuck in Amazon’s ecosystem. The only reason I would have used a Kindle is to watch Prime movies, but Amazon finally released an app that lets you do that on any android tablet. Sure, you can flash Cyanogen on a Kindle to get Google services, but 90% of people buying a Kindle have no idea what a custom rom is, much less how to flash one.

FYI, if your wife’s sole intention was to read Amazon Kindle books on a tablet, you could have saved some cash by installing the FREE Amazon Kindle app :confused:

I had a similar experience. Broken screen with no drop or impact. No support from the warranty. I’ll never buy an ASUS anything again.

I bought this exact model for a friend around Christmas-time…right away it updated OTA to Android 4.4.4. which I understand is the final version of Kit-Kat. Seems like everyone else is able to further upgrade to Lollipop (5.0) whereas my friend’s tablet remains at Android 4.4.4. and says that it is up to date on any upgrades. Anyone have any ideas? Please help.

Most consumers assume that simple repair/replacements should be cheap, just like replacing batteries in a flashlight.

But if it took you 30 minutes to open the flashlight and another 30 to close it and then you had to spend more time turning it on to check it, that wouldn’t be so simple, right?

Guess what they had to to do get to your screen? (All the time dodging tiny components that only a worker in China can deal with.)

You are correct that it an economic reality that any tech that is hurt is almost “beyond economical repair.”

This kind of wishful about repairs thinking permeates all kinds of businesses. I produce a 30 second audio ad with music and then the client wants to add “just one word” and thinks I can sprinkle magic fairy dust on the spot and make it happen.

Uh-uh. It requires re-recording and mixing and takes as much time as the original.

[Reality check completed.]

Two comments add (with a “knowing” nod) that Android sucks. Care to elaborate why you dispense this wisdom?

It can’t run Windows?
It’s not a Mac?
Silly names for each version?
There is no Apple logo?
Too much add-supported stuff if you want it free?

And what the heck does that even mean? 99.99% of all people just sit around waiting for the next Android version or spend their time rooting the devices they have and don’t do anything to the Android OS!!

And if it’s so “for the people” then why do you have Google AT EVERY TURN blocking people from using the machines the way they want.(OTG or more memory!!!)(Or Samsung’s - You rooted it now no warranty support!)

The people want more storage but Google says, “No, stream because we are the ‘for the people guys’” What a complete crock!! The people say, “I can’t stream on a plane or in a car so allow me an OTG”. But Google says, No, you must spent time waiting for someone to hack it and root your device!

And anyone that says 16GB is enough does not use their tablet for much. The last game I downloaded was 1.3GB and the last movie I ripped was 3.43GB. So if you have this lame 16GB tablet you can have MAYBE 3 game apps and 2 movies and then your done!!

Android is an ugly duckling because the apps are ugly ducklings. And anyone that doesn’t know that doesn’t actually use both an IOS and an Android device.

Think about it, does the OS make the PC? Do you sit around all day playing on the OS or do you actually use programs on it? It’s the programs that matter. And until Android games /apps offer the same quality/features as IOS games / apps, then it sucks.

Thanks for the informed response!

Got one of these free when I got Google Fiber, but the things keeps freezing up once a week.

I don’t understand the “Android sucks!” thing when iOS is hobbled and very restricted. Maybe both of them suck, but to call out Android specifically…

I have owned this tablet for over a year and have been extremely pleased with it. My first android device. Strictly owned apple products beforehand and still use my iPad 2 on occasion when I want a bigger screen. This tablet has a very nice screen and as others have mentioned a very nice form factor. It will fit in a good sized pocket.

As far as android goes I have found it to be a mixed bag. Definite pluses include the ability to customize using a launcher (I use Nova) and the ease of accessing files. I have honestly seen little difference in the availability of apps between my nexus and the iPad other than some games which I do not play a lot of. On the plus side when available they often are less expensive especially when purchased on the amazon app store which you can load on this tablet.

Biggest downside to android? Definitely the inability to do a proper backup. I also have an LG G3 phone now and twice it has had a problem with the operating system going wild and consuming battery like crazy. Wouldn’t be a big deal if you could do a full backup like apple products. Factory reset, restore and good to go. Doesn’t exist on an unrooted android device. A much more arduous and tedious process. And time consuming. To be fair this problem has not occurred on my nexus and I hope to god it doesn’t. I did have a few problems after updating to lollipop although 5.02 seems to have fixed pretty much everything except issues with a couple of apps.

Definitely happy overall although consider carefully if 16 GB is enough storage for you. I have the 32gb model and glad I do.

It’s because the games/apps suck COMPARED to the IOS versions. And if you are so concerned IOS is hobbled you can root that too!!!(Jailbreak)

Those people that do not have both systems do not understand this and run around talking about how great Android is because you can root it and customize it… Well have fun with that since the game / app ports suck in comparison. If you plan to only use a device to play with the OS then get an Android and spend days loading skins, launchers, and rooting it. if you want to use Apps or Games, then try an IOS devices version before you say Android is the best!

I got the Nexus to play one PlayStation 1 game on it and MANY times I have thought to myself, it would be better if I just unpacked and turned on my old PlayStation than use this!

Games are not an issue for me, but why can’t one update the O/S from creamcheese to busterbar (or whatever they call them)?

I see updates within a release, but it seems that there is built-in obsolesce that may or may not be due to hardware?

Assuming the memory can handle it, why do I see Android tablets that are “locked in” to some old version?

Had the same Nexus 7 experience as many
The dreaded seemingly “spontaneous cracked glass” debacle
(I never dropped it or even bumped it)… that ended my nexus 7 …and my faith in google
(frankly Im surprised that there hasnt been any ‘class-action’ suits regarding this…you can read about it happening to a great many people)
Bought a memo 7 (me-572c)for $10 less that what this is selling for…
better specs…a better tablet ,hands down

I bought one of the refurb’s here at Woot last year. Love this tablet but it would reboot randomly on me. Apparently a common problem with some of these tablets. I was out of my warranty time when I wanted to try swapping it out, so no luck.

Along comes Android 5, did a factory reset with it and, lo and behold, no more random reboots. A perfect tablet running Android Lollipop. As mainly an iOS man, I’m extremely happy with this tablet. Get one.

Mine from Woot came with Android 4. It has since upgraded to Android 5.0.2 and seems even better with v5. It’ll get the upgrade, no “lock down.”

Do a search for “AOSP image nexus 7” and you can download the image and flash it yourselves. Instructions on how to do it are all over the place. That’s how my impatient self has been getting the updates.

I agree. I didn’t like Android at first when I got my first tablet a few years ago but it has come a long way.
I have a lot of music and use Media Monkey. I was an Apple person for years and hated how tough they made it to transfer music or video. Android doesn’t do that. I now sync my tablet with my Google Drive account and stream my music from the cloud from my phone, tablet, PC and, hopefully with my Chromecast I just bought.
I almost lost all of my media files a few years ago when my Hard Drive crashes and iTunes wouldn’t let me transfer from my ipod to my new drive - had to do some hacking of the ipod and jump through hoops.

I have the 2012 model and have been happy with it.
I would recommend getting one with 4G if you can find a good data plan.
I added mine to my Consumer Cellular shared plan for just $10 a month. It’s great to have fast internet when out of wifi range or when cable goes out.