Google Nexus 7 16GB Tablet (2013 Model)

I love mine! I gave mine to my boyfriend when my work issued me an iPad, and can I say that I wish I hadn’t done that? I’d rather just have my nexus and use that for work. I can’t stand the iPad. The interface, the icons, trying to find stuff… meh. Alas, no taksies backsies.

If I didn’t have property taxes due, I’d buy myself another one of these.

Be patient. My 7 2013 just got its 5.2 upgrade a week or so ago. Be thankful you didn’t get the earlier ones…had a lot of problems, but my 5.2 upgrade run perfectly. Hang in…it will come.

They were being sold brand new, just like this, for $149 on Groupon for the entire month of January. And refurbished they have been down as low as $119 in the last 6 months.

700mb .mkv HD on a portable device is fine. I didn’t say that it was ideal for watching on a 70" TV. Google doesn’t make the hardware genius, anyone can make the hardware an license the OS- unlike Apple. What’s the point of adding expensive on- board memory when you can add SD cards (in some devices 128GB) for a lot less money.

There are a lot more apps available for Android customization and user experience than will ever be offered on an IOS platform. I can use my Android phones as a free hotspot sharing my data plan, yet not having to pay the premium - phone is not rooted or anything.

I don’t hate Apple- I just hate that they think they are in a whole different universe, when in fact they are followers not leaders in technology. I think that Imovie is one of the coolest programs ever, unfortunately I wasn’t able to edit HD and burn blu-rays and I could in windows.

There are certain areas where Apple is dominant when it comes to the way MacOs interfaces with Adobe Photoshop and some music software. I totally recognize that. That’s clearly their niche. But for everything else, it’s basically pretty hardware that’s simple to use and highly priced. If that’s for you fine. If you have needs for more options and customization and want the ability to chooses different hardware (whether it’s because it’s cheaper or because it offers things like a built in wacom digitizer)- then Apple is not the answer.

Apple is the popular cool kid everyone wants to hang out with, Android is the nerd that people are realizing has way more personality and depth than what the cool kid offers.

Two points. I have the 32g version of this tablet and I love it. Although I typically root and flash custom ROMs on all my Android devices, I’ve kept this stock, and it’s running Android 5.0.2, Lollipop, just having been updated last week. It’s a fabulous tablet (even though Lollipop is still a bug invested OS which the users are deltatesting for Google).

Now the second thing, this is an awful price. It’s 16g, and that has routinely gone for closer to $139 or less in recent memory at other sites. I wouldn’t get a 16g tablet anyway, that 32g fills up awful fast, and the device doesn’t take removable memory (although it supports, in a goofy sort of way “on the go” USB.)

Look elsewhere; this is a terrible deal on a great product.

very helpful, thank you.

I’ve had mine for 14 months now without any problems. I also know at least 3 other people with the device. Similarly, no problems.

Until Google discontinued this model a few months back, this was the default favorite small tablet of a lot of Android users and reviewers. For good reason: it was a bargain, and really still is.

-Fantastic, crisp full-HD display.
-Nice form factor. Feels good in the hand. Very thin.
-Nexus device means you get updates first. You’ll be able to upgrade to Lollipop right away.
-Qi enabled out of the box. Get yourself a Qi charging pad and you’ll never have to plug the device into the wall. VERY nice feature.

-Processor/GPU is getting old. Nevertheless, performance is still pretty good.
-16GB of storage and no SD expansion could be a problem for some people.