Google Nexus 7 32GB 4G LTE Tablet (2013)

What a ripoff on the nexus. Are you guys sure that price is right? They can be had for less than 100.

Do you have a link?

cheapest one I found. Still cheaper then woot.

[MOD: That’s pre-owned, not refurbished.]

The price here is at least double what it actually should be. Not even close to a good deal.

And all of those are circa $180, beat up and / or missing parts. At least this is a refurb.

I’m writing this on the Nexus 7 2nd gen I picked up from Amazon for $120 on Black Friday. These things are good, but not THAT good. Did the price suddenly jump?

Turns out the 32gb model does go for much more than the 16gb model. Still, a much better price on a refurbished here:

Edit: even the mothership is selling these at a better price: $150 after $15 off.

[MOD EDIT] The models you’re linking to are Wi-Fi only; this one is 4G LTE capable, too.

[Zilla edit] Oh! Didn’t notice! That counts for something!

Well, the links above work if you want one and don’t care about LTE.