Google Nexus 7 32GB Tablet (Gen 2)

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Google Nexus 7 32GB Tablet (Gen 2)
Price: $169.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard
Shipping Estimates: (Wednesday, Jul 09 to Monday, Jul 14) + transit
Condition: Factory Reconditioned


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CNET calls this “excellent” and engadget did the searching for you and gave it an overall score of 88/100


I picked up two of these through two separate Woot sales in the past month. Being refurbished, they come in a plain brown box with a USB charger. The installed OS is Android 4.4.2, but then you are prompted for a Android 4.4.3 upgrade (~70MB) followed by a Android 4.4.4 upgrade (~5 MB). Of course, the apps need to be updated also. Only Google apps are included.

One nice feature that my previous tabled, a Galaxy Tab 2 7", did not have is the ability to update the time via NTP.

The big drawback is that there is no microSD slot. Google apparently hates microSD cards and prefers that you use the cloud. :frowning:

Some users have been upgrading the tablets to the developer version of Android 5.0/Android L. Haven’t tried it myself.

The folks over at TechReport picked this for one of their two Staff Pick tablets as of June 2014, with their only real concern being the 16 GB model’s storage space:

I’m pretty tempted by this deal.

No USB OTG cable?

Terrible deal!

A couple of weeks ago this was $160 on ebay auction where they sold 790+ of these, a month ago it was $165 from Newegg!! Both of those sales were for the 2013 version, the 32GB model, refurbished, AND had free shipping!!

So $170 and $5 shipping stinks as a deal.

Don’t think so, but you can get those pretty cheaply nowadays. (Check Monoprice; they have an assortment for cheap.)

Of course, we’re also seeing more thumb drives with micro USB connectors.

You will not go wrong with this tablet. I would not worry too much about it only having 32GB and no expansion (not 16GB as you stated). Unless you are a total app hound and want to carry every movie and song you ever heard, you will probably not fill it up…And the cloud choices are not as daunting as some may say. If you don’t like Google’s cloud drive, you can use Dropbox, the one from MS or any of the other “Box” products. This is a great tablet and belies this low price…

Typing on this tablet right now. It’s fantastic, with two minor csveats:

  1. Occasional spontaneous reboots – maybe once a month or so, more frequent since 4.4.4.

  2. Touch occasionally misbehaves – when the tablet is laying flat it sometimes doesn’t acknowledge touches, and sometimes in Firefox a pinch-zoom is mistaken for another gesture (HOWEVER, that may be related to the three-finger-swipe plugin,which I can’t live without).

Otherwise, it’s the bee’s knees. Exactly the right size and weight for my hands, fits in back pocket, really responsive (you can really feel the 2GB of RAM), good camera, and PURE Android OS – none of that modified garbage installed by other makers.

HAVING SAID THAT, unless you NEED 32GB, you can get the 16GB model NEW for $30 more – the price of buying a warranty on this one.

I own the Nexus 7, 16GB Gen 1 model, which I bought when Nexus was brand new, and still love it for the most part. I frequently use it in places that don’t have wi-fi, so I rely on a USB OTG cable and the “Nexus Media Importer” app to move data. I use if for light browzing, e-mail, watching vids, games, and reading.

The big issue for me is the need to have a keyboard to type on. I have successfully paired it with a bluetooth keyboard, but there’s issues with using bluetooth and wi-fi at the same time – keyboard keeps getting knocked off line. It’s probably a solvable problem, but I haven’t looked into it much.

One of the thing that has happened over time is that it’s developed bouts of slowness/unresponsiveness. I got a tip from fa co-worker that bought at the same time I did that knocking it back to the stone age and re-installing the operating system solves this. His theory is the update process isn’t as clean as it needed to be. That’s on my to do list this weekend, so I can hand it over to my Mother.

I recently got a Win 8 Asus Transformer pad which solves my need for a keyboard issue. I do find that the 10" tablet is a bit unwieldy compared to the 7" Nexus. It’s hard to compare the OS because they do such different things for you. Android has a far superior app store, but the the transformer can do PC things, including word processing.

At some point in the future, I can see myself getting another 7" tablet for my own use. The Nexus 7 would definitely be on my list.

I bought this model from Woot in March. I’ve bought many refurbished items from Woot over the years and never had any problems until then. The Nexus7 had a screen which would blink frequently and very poor battery life. I contacted Woot who told me to contact Asus, who told me to contact Woot. Woot claimed they didn’t have any units to swap it out but they did issue a refund.

Note: the engadget list is for the previous version (Gen 1)

Also: this Gen 2 version is 189 new at Mallwart


Your link is to the 16GB model. This is the 32GB.

I bought one of these new a few months ago, and I am pretty satisfied. I bought it mainly for the purpose of viewing my photos (I’m a very amateur nature photographer), but also for the usual fiddling around with games and apps while I watch TV, etc. It’s pretty speedy and the screen is beautiful.
My only qualm is actually a glitch with Google’s cloud storage. I store and organize my photos in Picasa, and at first it was great, as the albums I web-synched came right up in the gallery on the nexus. After the latest update, though, any newly uploaded photos show up blank. I’m hoping Google fixes this, but for now it stinks. Hardware-wise, though, it’s a really nice tablet for my needs.

Just note that the link for the $189 device is a 16gb version, not 32gb


FWIW, if you are looking for means of accessing stuff on a external SD card, give the Meenova microSD card reader a look; about the size of a quarter,I have one with a 32gb card I use with my Moto X

I have had this device since March 2014, it’s very fast and has very few large moments. However Asus produced a very large batch of defective devices between Sept 13 - Feb 14. The screen becomes non-responsive and multi-touch is worthless when the device is laid on a flat surface. It’s hardware and not software trust me, my tablet is currently at their Texas warehouse being fixed! “Second time sent”. Luckily these refurbished devices should have been fixed already. If you have these issues call them and RMA it back to them. Good luck!

Enable USB debugging and see the tablet as a drive on your computer when connected–

Go into “About device” in Settings and tap on the “Build number” entry seven times, which will unlock “Developer Options”.

Toggle on “USB Debugging” in the “Developer Options” area of Settings.

You will need to download the android driver to your PC, but after that, it’s smooth sailing. I own the 16gb one and it’s a great device.