Google Pixel 2/2XL (Fully Unlocked)(S&D)

I’m not sure what he means. :confused:


I bought one of these for my wife last time they came up. The battery life was terrible, and the USB port was very loose. On the plus side, she wound up trading it in for a Pixel 4 and the discount they gave her was more than I paid for it, so there’s that route too.


No 128gb XL? BOO!

[MOD: back in stock… for now]

Yep, and also worth noting that while the exploit for unlocking the Verizon Pixel 2 is consistent, it does not work on the Pixel 2 XL - though Verizon did often ship bootloader-unlockable XLs as warranty replacements.

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Agree with William. Same thing with Apple. My wife has had lack of support for her iPhone SE (which she loved), iPhone 7, and now who knows when for her iPhone 8… but it’s coming.

This is the price we pay for the onward march of technology. (shrug)


It is 89.99 and get 10% discount below:

It is over.

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Pixel phones have ludicrously poor build quality. While these are dirt cheap compared to the obscenely overpriced list price when they launched they are still junk. The Galaxy 8 series launched the same year for around the same prices. Do you ever see working Galaxy 8 phones for $80-$100? The Pixel 2 series had terrible displays, poor battery life, overheating problems, and a tendency to randomly reboot or power down–and that was when they were still relatively new. There were also all kinds of problems with the camera on the Pixel 2–it would sometimes not save photos that were taken and other times crash the hardware requiring a reboot to take pictures again. The call microphone also had issues on both models making call quality unpredictable at best.

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Just bought 3 pixel 2 xls 128gb for 129.99 off eBay last week refurbished. Still work on visible aftermarch update. Check visible on reddit

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Back in stock!!!

PIXEL 2 XL’s are back in stock!

I ordered a scratch and dent iPhone XS recently and it was the most beat up phone I’d ever seen. Chipped glass, white scratches on the screen that were totally visible even when the brightness was all the way up. I don’t know how someone damages their phone that much, but they did, and woot sold it to me for $550

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I agree. I bought a “scratch and dent” phone before they started putting the warning on these “refurbished” phones. Not only was it in such bad shape that I couldn’t use the screen but it wouldn’t charge. I definitely returned that.

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My question about seeing actual photos was both legitimate and tongue and cheek. the tongue-in-cheek part comes with being snarky on these forms for so many years. Yes, I know woot would not intentionally sell garbage however woot has sold garbage. I purchased an iPad one time from woot that was supposed to be in excellent condition refurbished. It had a gap between the glass and the frame you could drive a Volkswagen through. I contacted customer service, and they replaced it, with a model that had an even larger Gap than the first. I returned both of them and they changed the listing to scratch and dent models. It would just be nice if the scratch and dent listings actually showed some photos of possible damage (i stead of stock, new photos) to phones so that you know what you’re buying. Like a worst-case scenario thing. Maybe you get a good phone but you could get something this damaged, roll the dice if you want.


they may be handy and user-friendly, however I would not trust them as far as I can throw them. I have three gen one pixels (all purchased new) and the batteries tanked just after warranty ran out. Yes they are good software wise, but there is a reason they are so cheap.

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I’ve owned a Pixel XL and Pixel 3XL and probably won’t own another. I talked myself into getting over the limited storage and loss of the aux jack, and I pampered my 3XL until the USB-C port completely failed within a year which Google replaced but I just decided just to sell.

I’m now using an LG V40 which is superior in every way except speed of updates, which does admittedly suck. However, I’m now bootloader unlocked and rooted, so I can tether for free. I have a 512GB SD card that I added relatively cheaply and an aux jack again, and I can fast charge over Quick Charge or USB-PD. I couldn’t really care about 5G, so I’ll probably have this phone for the long haul.

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What carrier are you on that you couldn’t tether for free before? I thought all carriers have to allow phone tethering now?

Been tethering with all my phones both iPhones and androids for years. No mods. On Verizon the last 4 years (I think).

I did have two Pixel XL fail right after the class action closed. Bad soldering I believe was the problem. The before & after have been fine. I stick with the lineage because of the stock software. They used to ignore carrier tethering blocks but now enforce it on Android. That’s why I switched carriers this time. I used to be able to sidestep Total Wireless tether block on Pixel XL. The time it took to upgrade storage size for a reasonable cost even on the used market was way too long.

Total Wireless blocks tethering even they charge data by usage. 5 or 6 included $10 for another 5 no expiration on time to use. That’s why I switched to Visible. Both run on Verizon so I get wide coverage. Visible is unlimited without the 90% throttling at some number.

Never have had tether blocked by Total Wireless, but I’ve always brought my own device and never used more than couple of 100 MB at a time and 5GBs in a cycle.