Google Pixel 2/Pixel 2 XL--VZW/GSM Unlocked

Will this phone work with Mint Mobile? They are on the T-Mobile Network. I guess that covers GSM, correct?

love my pixel 2 xls (have had them since they were released on project Fi) however, the G1 hardware (99% sure these are those) seem to have some charging issues even after being “refurbished”, I’ve RMAed 3 Pixel 2 XLs to google because they would eventually not charge (at all) or would not charge at full speed on OEM chargers. Perhaps I’m hard on my phones, but if you’re going to do this, buy it through your carrier and pay the $5 a month protection else you might get burned. It is cheaper than the google store sells them, but not sure it’s worth the risk IMHO.

That said, I love my 2 xl when it’s working and have no intention of trading it in for a 3 XL (though if I keep RMAing them, perhaps google will do that for me.) My plan is when the 4xl is released I’ll upgrade. The only real difference between the 2 and 3 is a SLIGHTLY faster CPU, a smaller battery, and a different selfie camera, everything else is the same (or within a degree of the same.) You’ll be happy with this hardware in otherwords :slight_smile:

Bought the Pixel 1 XL last year on Woot. I wouldn’t do it again

  1. 90 day warranty
  2. 3rd party refurbished
  3. USB-C adapter & Cable was generic and wouldn’t fast charge the phone
  4. Phone had a big scratch on the display screen.

Price sucks to boot with all the deals on new Pixel3’s. Should be a $300 phone deal MAX

Wow, 23 posts and not one answer from Woot staff.
Yet for the crossbow’s comments got a response at noon for 3. Hmmmm, well at least we know someone is still awake. Doing what is another question.

I asked the questions but didn’t get a response. Sorry.

PS: thank you for the meanie poopyhead remark. Made my week.

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We weren’t able to get confirmation from our vendor regarding the bootloader, and we didn’t want to give inaccurate information. That said, these phones are unlocked to work on different carriers - that’s why we used the word “unlocked” which is the same verbiage that Verizon and other carriers use.

Well, the “refurbished” pixel 2 arrived today. It is complete garbage. The screen and back are all scratched, and there are deep gouges on the bezel. Clearly a used phone being passed off by their vendor ( as refurbished. I’m sorry, turning a phone “on” and pressing the “restore to factory setting” button is not “restoring the device to factory condition”.

I feel obligated to send an email to CEO John Alteio, because he should be aware that his company is promoting vendors who misrepresent their products and charging $400+ for used merchandise. This isn’t the way to treat and keep loyal customers. Hopefully he values the Woot reputation more that values their own.

Hopefully returning this phone isn’t a hassle. I already feel like Woot took advantage of my faith in them.