Google Pixel 2/Pixel 2 XL--VZW/GSM Unlocked

Google Pixel 2/Pixel 2 XL--VZW/GSM Unlocked

I am wondering where are these prices taken from or based from? Because interestingly anyone can buy non-verizon model in new never used condition from pretty much anywhere for the same price you guys selling as refurbished. Ebay even cheaper.

Should a refurbished phone have scratches on the screen? I bought one of these phones for my daughter, and when she received it, the screen was cracked in a couple of places. It didn’t really fit in the box it was shipped in, and she could hear it sliding around when she received it, so I figured it was just damaged in shipping.

When I tried to get it replaced, I was told it was out of stock, and thus all Woot could do was refund - even though, as you see, it is still for sale. When I called back and pointed this out, I was told some story about different vendors. Anyway, we figured I could returned the cracked one, and just order another one.

But when that arrived, it had scratches on the screen, one that was still visible when the phone was on. I don’t feel like a refurb should have scratches on the screen, none I have ever purchased elsewhere have had them.

they are probably selling your cracked screen returned item right now :smile:

Where would you find those? I have not had luck.

Are these all Verizon or are some manufacturer unlocked?


Sorry I didn’t get the answer to you in time before the sale ended. These are Verizon phones unlocked for GSM.

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