Google Pixel 2 (Verizon and GSM Unlocked)

If used on, say, T-Mobile or AT&T, the OS updates arrive the same time as Verizon or Google?

Is this phone compatible with project fi?

The carrier doesnt determine the update time frame. Google updates all of the new pixels around the same time.


(The Pixel and Pixel 2 both carry bands for all US networks, and considering that Fi uses Sprint, T-Mobile, and U.S Cellular bands, they work with Fi.)

This phone is fantastic if you want a small phone with a great camera. But if im being honest. The phone feels dated and overpriced. If you want a Pixel 2, go for the XL. But even that I wouldnt take with the grainy screen it has. Most people just choose to get used to the screen grain on the 2 XL. But I dont think its worth the time. Just wait for the next gen Pixel.


I would have a tough time resisting a 2 XL if it came up like this, though I still enjoy my original XL greatly.

If I only have to wait this long for a Pixel 3 to hit refurb after it is released I could definitely wait for next year.

Is there any USB-C to 3.5 jack adapter included in the box to be able to plug in headphones? Thanks.

Does it work outside the US?? I live in Colombia, but I´m not sure if it would work with local carriers.

No SD card slot, no removable battery and they took away the 3.5mm jack. The screen has issues, its not wonder these are refurbs- probably returns. I don’t need a phone that is waterproof, I don’t need one made of glass or all metal so that it can shatter when it drops, or so it can have crappy reception. I want a plastic phone (everyone puts a case on it anyhow) with a great screen, powerful hardware, a battery that can be removed and either replaced or upgraded to a higher capacity, a nice standard 3.5mm jack so that I can use regular headphones without a stupid adapter, and finally expanadable memory, for the tons of picture and videos I want to store LOCALLY. The LG V20 is the last phone that has all of these options. That’s fine that some users would rather pay to have a stupid glass or metal phone that they end up putting a case on, or that they want to store all their crap in the cloud- but when it comes time to stream something and your signal sucks- you’re screwed, or maybe they enjoy carrying around an extra dongle or using bluetooth craptastic ear/headphones. I’m just looking for 1 manufacturer to put together a practical phone for people that use it for functionality and not status.

yes there is an USB C - 3.45 MM adapter in the box. I also bought an extra one on Amazon for $9

you obviously don’t have this phone. I have had the pixel 2 since day one and battery life, pictures, network speeds etc… are amazing. Phone never slows down and i dropped the phone a few times and no damage. Only issue i have is the google assistant which pops up whenever i hold (squeeze) the phone too hard… I also receive updates before any other android phone (I have an older gen. Nexus 5x)…

I have the Pixel 2 and love it, however, I didn’t pay this much for mine brand new.

I obviously don’t have this phone for the reasons I listed above. Battery life is always good in the beginning but after a year it will start dropping off and then by 2 years you’ll need to charge it in the middle of the day. I don’t want to have to carry around a stupid dongle with me. My biggest issue is that I like Android because they are different, have variation and flexibility. But it seems that everyone is going after the same “I want to be an Iphone” design and I HATE that. I don’t need the slimmest bezel or the thinnest phone. To use a car analogy, the Android phone manufacturers are making Ferrari’s and Lamborghini’s and I’m looking for a Porsche Cayenne Turbo S. I’m not saying to stop making the Ferrari’s and Lamborghini’s, I’m just saying that some Android manufacturer would be smart to make a more practical variation and would have their own market share as a result.

Well said!

the dongle life sucks for sure, but it’s not really a big deal at all. I bought 2 extra adapters and a dongle dangler so I’m never without. is it dumb I have to do this? yes. is it something I decided to choose to put up with, and then found out it really wasn’t 2% of the big deal I thought it was going to be? you betcha.

and I just got a big (256) phone. sure SD card slot would be nice, but not a deal breaker. I can store all my music and media on my phone no problem.

having a removable battery would definitely be nice - that’s one of the biggest things I miss from my Note 3.

Spot on. Phone makers are charging more, and dropping needed features left and right. I have several pair of excellent wired headphones. Why on Earth would I want to stop using them with a phone that will no longer allow you to (without having to carry around a dongle)? When the battery no longer hold a charge, do I just toss the phone into ewaste?
uh, yeah…no.

I’ll add on to this though. While Google handles the releases, the carrier you choose to use can cause a delay in getting updates. Example, with my Nexus 6p, because I was on Project Fi, I would for some reason have to wait longer at times for certain updates. Those on Verizon and other carriers got 8.1 last year, whereas my 6p on Project Fi did not receive it until this year. And the delay was without a doubt due to being on a different network. I still got the security updates on time though, it was only software updates that are delayed.

Sounds like you want a phone from 2012. I getcha though.