Google Pixel 2 XL--VZW/GSM Unlocked

Google Pixel 2 XL--VZW/GSM Unlocked

Bought this phone…didn’t get this phone. WOOT sent the Pixel 2, 64gb instead of what I had purchased. The box was clearly marked, the scan bar was no doubt used for their inventory records and it was sent anyway. There was no explanation…no warning…nothing. A suspicious, untrusting person would think WOOT tried to pull a fast one… Or,…maybe it was just a mistake.

Apologies followed…an offer to refund a portion of the cost was made if I chose to keep the phone and a $10 credit was added to my account.

Phone returned for full refund.

Satisfied…Not Satisfied… :thinking:

Warning…check your products in the future to make sure you get what you buy…

Sorry about the error. I sent a note to the Returns Team so they can see what happened. Glad CS took care of you.


Oh hush, you. This was us, not Amazon.


I purchased my google Pixel 2 on March 5 2020 and i am having issues with the phone since i recieved it. the issue i am having is tha tthe phone reboots during conversation and even while using apps or watching videos. the pattern that i did notice is that this normally happens when the phone is at 35%battery life.

I previously ( a few weeks back) sent a letter to customer service dept about this concern and i have yet to hear back from anyone. I do understand that with our current (Covid) situation you may be back logged on responses. but i am just afraid that my warranty will expire before hearing back from anyone. PLease advise on what should be the next course of action in my situation.

Thank You in advance
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Check your email Spam folder for woot’s response.

Hi there. CS responded to one of your three contacts yesterday.