Google Pixel 3/3XL (Fully Unlocked) (S&D) (Open Box)

Google Pixel 3/3XL (Fully Unlocked) (S&D) (Open Box)

I got this a few months back. Pretty good phone, came in great condition (no serious scratches/nicks, clean display), battery worn down to 74%, after calibration 79%. Battery drains down to ~30% during my daily 8 hour work day of using YouTube Music with the screen awake on lowest brightness + battery saver.

Handles Punishing Gray Raven at high settings really well, no call drops on Metro by T-Mobile, 4G LTE most places (Walmart is a signal black hole).

Updates all the way to Android 12 which takes up 15GB of the 64GB storage. For 90ish bucks it’s great deal personally.

The only downsides are being locked into Chromecast and Google’s Phone app no longer supporting visual voicemail and I’m stuck with Metro’s app.