Google Pixel 3/3XL (Fully Unlocked) (S&D)

That doesn’t help at all. The phone contains a lithium battery and the link you provides just explains that for an item with a lithium batter you have to contact customer service. So why not just answer the question instead of providing a page of crap that doesn’t answer the question.

So you can have ALL the information. The first paragraph of that “page of crap” states:


I got a Pixel 3a XL here a couple of months ago. No noticeable scratches on screen and very minimal wear. Couple of tiny places around the USB C charging port. Which I will probably add to over time, when charging. It happens Lol. So I’m happy.

But I got a iPhone 7 about 2 years ago that was Grade C, based on the ratings of some sites. The sides and corners were pretty dinged up…lots of missing paint and obviously the screen had been replaced. I don’t know if I they would have accepted it as a return for just those things, but I realized 3D Touch didn’t work. This was back when that really was a thing. I contacted Woot and no problem they let me send it back for a replacement which ended up being a keeper…probably a Grade A. Very slight scratches near power port but flawless original screen.

Based on that experience, I felt OK about getting the Pixel 3a XL…

It does… I currently use my Pixel 3XL with Google Fi. I forget off the top of my head what network Fi uses… I believe it’s the same one Sprint uses. GSM I think? You can look it up on Fi’s site, but these unlocked phones should work with either, and therefore should work with Fi just fine.emphasized text

Just received mine and it has very very minor scratches here and there (most of them on the edges, which will be covered when i eventually get a case). I got this phone primarily for tinkering and extras, and was happy to see that I was able to get it OEM Unlocked/Bootloader unlocked easily (after putting my own sim card in to test).

I’m actually kind of surprised how happy I am with this at first look. I might actually replace my main phone with this one after I get a new screen protector and case.


Got mine and not impressed with the battery life of the Pixel 3.
Phone looks great.
What is the usual life on a charge of a pixel 3?