Google Pixel 3 64 GB Pink

Isnt it a good deal? Except there is no colour. Not pink

I bought this deal. eSim NOT available. info 100%

its a great deal! I have this phone already 2 years. great camera. great CPU. free Google Photo until 02.2022.

What’s the answer

What precisely does it mean that the bootloader is locked? Specifically, does that mean Verizon controls the upgrades we get?

Hi there. Yes, those accessories are included with the new phones.

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So, does Verizon control the upgrades on this phone? Or just Google?

Are these actually available and shipping? We ordered one on April 10 at 12:19AM when they were first listed. The “Estimated delivery date” is April 27. It is now May 3 and our order still shows “Preparing For Shipment”. A week ago I contacted customer service and received the unhelpful “We are currently experiencing delays…” What’s the real status?!?

We believe Google controls the updates.

I received mine today. The color is very very very extremely faint shade of pink. Looks more like a cream color. But if you look at it the right way. You can almost detect pink.

The power button is unmistakeably pink.