Google Pixel 3 or 3XL 64GB (Unlocked) (NEW) - Black

Google Pixel 3 or 3XL 64GB (Unlocked) (NEW) - Black

At least they put made for Verizon now so you don’t have to wonder about the bootloader lol!

If this is more from the same batch then it’s probably T-Mobile. That’s what I received when these were sold last time. Came with a 1+ year warranty too. Hopefully @ThunderThighs can provide the model number again to clarify.

T-Mobile this time as well.

GA01296-US – 3XL 64gb black
GA01284-US – 3 64gb black

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Has anyone been able to activate this phone on a carrier other than TMobile? I cannot activate it on Google Fi, they tell me it is locked even though I have run the unlock program preinstalled on the phone and received a notification that it is now permanently unlocked

Are you trying to use the eSim? I found out that these don’t have eSims so installing Fi app and trying to activate it that way won’t work. You would need to get a physical sim for it. Mine works fine with H2O (AT&T MVNO) physical sim.