Google Pixel 3 XL (Factory Unlocked)(S&D)

Google Pixel 3 XL (Factory Unlocked)(S&D)

I bought 2 of these about 2 months ago, not refurbished but NEW (obviously old stock as I doubt they are still making this model) here on WOOT! for $214.99 each. I don’t think I can remember a time in the past where cell phone prices went up this significantly over such a short time. So now I guess I got an even better deal than I was thinking…
Woot! prices - gotta like that!

This cannot be the right price ($331), especially for a S&D.
Certified refurbished is $215 - even though it’s just the phone and no shell, no phonecase is worth an extra $115.

Is this the 128GB version?

Yeah, ours seems off. I ended it.

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