Google Pixel 3 XL (GSM Only)(New)

Google Pixel 3 XL (GSM Only)(New)

Does anyone know with this being GSM only if the phone is compatible with Google Fi?

will it work on China 4g lte ?

Google Fi uses Sprint, T-Mobile and US Cellular. Since Sprint uses CDMA, the phone will not work with Sprint towers, but works with Project Fi on T-Mobile.

I bought one of these from Rakuten (same seller) and it doesn’t work with Google Fi. It also came with an Australian power adapter, and not a US one. I would be very wary of buying these - I had to send mine back for a refund.

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Who was the seller? Woot?

Also, how didn’t it work with Google Fi? Like…didn’t work at all or couldn’t use all carriers Fi piggy-backs off of?

Make within $350-400 during Cyber Monday. We’d love to buy.