Google Pixel 32GB Unlocked Android Phones

You know…I was almost going to get one of these until I noticed that there’s no SD expansion slot. Kind of shocked, because these phones have almost everything else!

Getting a refurbished phone that has no replaceable battery is a little like buying a rental car…how was it used by the previous person/people? Sure the cosmetics might be fine but how is that used battery life treating you?

Are these Verizon models with a locked bootloader, or the GSM models sold by Google with an unlockable bootloader? Both are carrier unlocked, just wanted to see what the ROM situation would be like for these.

I’m not staff, so I can’t verify this, but the last time they were noted to be Verizon models.

I own the xl.

The hardware is awesome. Battery life is the best in the industry, period. Screen, sharp and colorful. Camera, simply better than any other.

Problem? The OS.

It’s a UX nightmare ranging from glitchy split screen, asinine setting placements to lack of basic apps on the phone. Finding a simple setting could result in a 30 minute search on Google.

Don’t get me started on the lack of a SD card. It will automatically take your pics try to upload them to your Google drive/cloud and delete them off your phone. Want to edit that photo! Download it… And hurry up before it loads it back up and deletes it!!!

The machine is awesome… Operating system has a looong way to go.

I own an XL and have been using it since launch on T-Mobile. The main issue with this model is that it is due for an update on October 5 (rumored).

If you need an Android phone TODAY and are ok with only 32 GB storage can’t wait - this is a great buy.

Not sure but it appears to not be equipped with wireless charging, Have to pass for that reason alone, my van, car and home are all set up for wireless charging, hate cords and constant plugin and unplugging unit.
Likr the freedom to just drop it on charging pad or wireless cradle in the car, plus no memory expansion whats with that…

Google phones are known for missing expansion slots…

Again we need some clarification. Are these the Verizon or Google edition phones? The model number will reveal this.

Google phones never have expansion slots because they’re pushing the cloud. You get unlimited photo storage in the cloud.

I’m actually in need of a new phone after cracking the screen on my Nexus 6p this week. I would totally pull the trigger if these had more than 32gb of storage. Too bad. :man_shrugging:

Correct, no wireless charging. Held on to the Nexus 5 until this year for that very reason. Finally bought the LG G6. You can get it brand new for under $500. Updated specs, wireless charging and a SD slot. Why buy a used, year old phone for this kind of money?

Verizon model or google unlocked?

I have a G6, and it can be a great phone. Unfortunately, LG isn’t very good with software. The UI is lacking in some pretty big ways for how I use the phone (Nova launcher helps, but it can’t fix some low-level “enhancements” from LG). On top of that, my battery life is very hit-or-miss because it’s still on Android 7.0. There are a number of tweaks that help battery life in 7.1.

Woot Staff
I’d really like to know if these are verizon or google. If google it’s a sale. Can you clarify?

100% Verizon models. Really Blue is the clue. Can’t ever unlock bootloader FYI. Once updates stop, they stop.

Wireless charging is a gimmick, sucks. Also never understand why anyone would need more than 32 gigs these days…

For photos. For music. For third party ROMs. For apps. For people who don’t want to upload any of those to the internet only to have to redownload them when they want to access any of it.

I know, I know. You don’t use any of those things and therefore no one else does either.

SO why would you spend $400+ on a refurbed phone with 32GB. I just bought direct from Samsung a 64GB S8 NEW with an old phone trade in for $400.00. Missing the DEAL in this offering.