Google Pixel 3XL (Unlocked) (NEW) - Not Pink

Google Pixel 3XL (Unlocked) (NEW) - Not Pink

This versión can be used with other countries carriers?

We don’t have that information. Best to check with your carrier.


Will the Clearly White one restocked? As it is out of stock (can’t be chosen) but still showing in the electronic deals.

Hi there. Not sure. It depends on what our vendor has available.

Is this factory unlocked or carrier unlocked?

As per the banner which says that these are bootloader unlocked, I’d say fully unlocked.

Got mine yesterday…thanks! Great deal! Make sure and “check for updates” when you power up this phone After a bunch of updates, I ended up with current Android 11 OS and all Android security updates to date. Camera is phenomenal!


We ran into some technical difficulties, so we had to move the White one to a different offer. You can find it instock here now: Google Pixel 3XL 64GB (Unlocked) (NEW) - White