Google Pixel 4XL (Fully Unlocked)(S&D) (Open Box)

Google Pixel 4XL (Fully Unlocked)(S&D) (Open Box)

I purchased one of these devices on September 3rd as well as a 3XL for a family member. The 3XL was correct upon arrival but I was given a Pixel 4 model instead of the 4xl I had purchased.

The devices took roughly 2 weeks to arrive, and I called support after receiving the 4 to have the correct device delivered as a replacement.

I just received the replacement device and turns out I was delivered ANOTHER Pixel 4 rather than the 4xl. What’s more, this device arrived in the same packaging as before with one side of the box containing a product code stating it’s a Pixel 4 and the other side having a clearly newer sticker applied over top of the original sticker with a Pixel 4xl designation.

I was assured to be delivered the correct device during my first support call, and I just finished my second call to report this same issue once again and was told that no other devices were available at this time, therefore I can either return the device free of charge, or continue to send back the initial wrong device with a partial 20% refund as consolation.

I find this highly inappropriate as a response. As a diligent customer of this site for many years with many, many successful transactions – to be given these avenues for resolution is frankly quite asinine. I’m not sure what further/alternative resolutions may remain but as soon as I’m able to do so I’ll be exploring those channels as well as I’m very dissatisfied and disappointed with the outcome of this situation and it definitely diminished my perspective of the company.

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Hi there. Sorry about the repeated issues. I’m checking in with CS and they’re asking our warehouse to do a physical check of the inventory. Stay tuned.


Thank you for your efforts in addressing the problem. Was anyone successful with that endeavor?

Additionally, this is doubly inconveniencing for me as I also purchased several accessories for the 4XL which are now useless for the 4’s. (Cases, tempered glass, etc)

As a result I not only have a product(s) that didn’t meet expectations, but also a bundle of other accessories which subsequently are rendered useless and I’ll have to send it back and get proper replacements. Again, thank you for the attention and assistance, regardless of the outcome.