Google Pixel 5" 128GB Unlocked Android Phone

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Google Pixel 5" 128GB Unlocked Android Phone
Price: $429.99
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Condition: Refurbished


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I maybe wrong but
Google G-2PW4100-022-A Pixel
looks to be the Verizon Version
means locked boot loader.

Don’t get me wrong, it does look like this phone would work on most carriers, and I really lust for this phone but I have some concerns.

  1. Not really sure if updates will really come out as soon as non verizon version

  2. see one page one page about people can get the android O Beta but have problems rolling back due to the locked boot loader.

I am on of those people that would probably not do Android O beta but #1 does concern me.

Since this phone was originally a Verizon phone, will it come with a bunch of Verizon BS apps that you can’t delete from the phone? I know the vision for the Google Pixel was to offer a clean phone, but carriers always seem to mess that up…

Since it is originally Verizon, is it still Project Fi compatible?

Wow. I just bought the 32GB model here a few days ago. I wish I could swap out with this one.

Does it have an SD card slot? Removable battery?

Unfortunately Google goes for internal battery and internal storage only. However I’ve got the Nexus 6p (predecessor to this phone) and have not had any issues with needing more storage or a spare battery. YMMV of course.

Does this, or for that matter any, refurbished phone come with a warranty?

Per listing:
Warranty: 90 Day Woot Limited Warranty

We use three Pixels at my house, all Verizon editions. There is no bloatware (Verizon apps) on them and two of them are used on Project Fi, one on Verizon. The only difference is you can’t unlock the bootloader on the Verizon editions to root them, but you can easily throw any SIM card in to use them on a different carrier. Mine receive their updates regardless of which carrier we’re using.

Yes, we have two Verizon Pixels running on Project Fi. My friend has a Verizon edition Pixel running on AT&T. No issues.

Thanks for posting this info. I use Fi, and was concerned. But since your post, I am very happy I got one coming. Thanks!

Definitely want to buy REFURBISHED phones here, not S&D (scratch and dent). This phone was almost perfect with just a few streaks on the front glass, but the body and back were flawless. Purchased (and returned) a S&D Sammy Galaxy S7 several months ago. That phone was in horrible shape. So, definitely go the refurbished route on Woot!