Google Pixel (Factory Unlocked)(S&D)

Google Pixel (Factory Unlocked)(S&D)

What accessories does it come with?

A wall adapter and a Type-C USB cable, though they probably aren’t the OEM wall adapter and cable.

In case anyone is interested, it appears this Pixel phone is the original 2016 version 1 (not the larger XL).

Thank you!

Good to know. :+1:

The XL one is also available on the site for $10-15 more I think I saw. Not sure if it’s still up

Has anyone bought one of these S&D phones before? I don’t mind refurbished stuff, but I have seen some horror stories about the S&D listings.

I’d like to know if these have had the microphone issues fixed as discussed in this article:

Each unit is unique. All known issues should have been repaired during refurbishing.

I just purchase one of this a couple of weeks ago and I’m having the dialer app/microphone issue.

Mine, besides the dialer/microphone issue came heavily dent and scratched, screen is perfect , but the rest shows heavy wear.

When I had an original pixel, I also ran into the microphone issue. I was able to use Bluetooth headphones, but the phone is basically unusable for phone calls. I’m typing this on a Google Pixel XL LOL I love the damn phones though.