Google Pixel (Factory Unlocked)(S&D)

Google Pixel (Factory Unlocked)(S&D)

This phone is so underrated. The camera is literally as goor better then an iPhone

Are the phone screens guaranteed to be not cracked? And is there any battery guarantee?

The screen could have scratches but it will not be cracked. Batteries are checked and replaced if needed. Generally an 80% threshold.

I received mine today via ups. Came in original packaging with charger, was in a phone case with screen protector. Definitely a small scratch on the screen under the protector, and the original body of the phone had some good amount of wear. Not a big deal because it came in a case. Wish there wasn’t a scuff on the screen, but that’s the chance you take. good for the price.

@ThunderThighs Mine arrived today, but, after being fully charged, dropped to 64% after 30 minutes while applying updates, and then while applying a small security update, dropped from 64% to powered off. It powered up and told me a whopping 1%.

I’ll give it another full charge cycle, but is it possible that some of them don’t get checked? This doesn’t seem anywhere close to being an 80% capacity.

Also, like @themonkeypod described, mine came in original packaging minus the USB-A to C cable, the OTG adapter, and documentation. It came with the USB-C to C, the official charger, and the SIM tool. No scratches anywhere and the screen protector is an anti-glare so it is kind of fuzzy and could be hiding minor scratches on the actual screen. The only weird thing is there is worn paint all around the USB C port, as though it was a display unit with a security plug glued (and cleaned up for this sale). Other than that battery issue, it came in totally expected, and a little better in external condition.

I’ve ordered 3 of these. Of the two that came in so far(one black, one silver), they both had the exact same problem, so my hope is pretty low for the 3rd.

What problem? Battery?

That’s correct.
From a full charge, both phones die within 10 minutes of being unplugged.

Neither will power back up until they’re plugged in, and when they do the battery indicator shows 1-5% and charging.

Thank you for the clarification. Make sure you reach out to Woot Customer Service. From a browser, use the Woot Customer Service form. In the Woot App, choose Account from the bottom navigation and then Support.

I’ll let our buyer know as well.

Thanks, and I have.

Thought about ordering one of these but the comments are making me nervous. I have ordered another phone from woot previously and wrong phone was sent. Thought about keeping it anyway but it had burn in all over the screen. Not very confident in their refurbishing

I got one of these a year or so ago and it had a significant scratch on the screen, but no cracks. Some scuffing on the body too. But the thing is bulletproof. I dropped it numerous times from some heights and it is still in usable shape. Battery life was never great on these phones but I never had jumps from 40 to 0% or anything.

I got mine a couple months ago, usual problem with battery buying used. Woot won’t respond to any of messages, and it’s supposedly came with 90 days warranty. I wonder if they are waiting to expire. Anyone else with similar issues?

Hi there. I’m sorry for the problem with the phone. I do see though that Woot Customer Support has answered you numerous times. The most recent being on 11/27. Please note that their replies will go to the email address on your woot account. Be sure you check that email account and check spam/junk folders.

If you don’t find the email or unable to access that email account, contact Woot CS with another email address they can use.