Google Pixel New Condition (Vzn & GSM)

Is this G-2PW4100?

I’m assuming this would work on Fi… If so, would this be a good replacement for a Nexus 5X, and how does it compare to the Moto X4?

It is!

I was wondering if this will work on Sprint, as the compatibility guide says it should, but Sprint is not mentioned in the product details. I was also wondering if this is new or refurbished. While the condition says new, the product details says it only has the Google 90 day refurbished warranty.

EDIT: these are new phones but only have the 90 day warrenty

For those of you who like to root, keep in mind that the bootloader is locked.

XDA-developers have found a workaround here.

Good luck activating on Sprint if this phone was already activated on Fi or Sprint before. Google support will need to release the MEID from the system. Honestly this phone is not worth it in 2018 for $349+ taxes almost $400. The SD821 feels a lot slower than the SD835 and 845. And these are probably refurbished god knows how the battery is etc.

If these are refurbished, this is definitely not the best deal because b&h has been selling these phones new for $330 and $380 with a year long warranty. Its just hard to tell if these phones are new or refurbished. I tried calling support but I could not get a clear answer - they did make it seem like these phones are refurbished though.

Says right on the front page…

“Condition: New”


Customer service confirmed these are brand new phones.

The strange thing is that they say new but only come with a 90 day warranty, which is for refurbished phones. Google’s warranty page says “If a defect arises and you return your Phone during the Limited Warranty period (which is one year for new devices and ninety days for refurbished devices)…” Maybe just warranty info is off, or for some reason they are new with a refurbished warranty?

I will double-confirm CS’s confirmation that these are new phones. That said, they do only come with a 90-day warranty.

As far as Sprint goes, I would reach out to them and confirm before you buy if you have concerns, as these are GSM-unlocked phones.

New Condition or New? I know it says it has been confirmed as “new” but been down this road before.

not sure but the rep told me anything refurbished will be marked clearly

Once you add in tax and shipping, B&H is a better deal for a confirmed new phone with a one-year warranty.

Prime shipping makes it a little more complicated ($316.49 after tax for the 32GB version compared to $329.99 at B&H - do they charge tax and shipping?), but the assurance of a new device is tempting. I personally almost never have to make use of warranties - do most people find them worthwhile?

EDIT: There also seems to be a new, 32GB black version with Prime shipping on Amazon for $319.95 being sold by “Abe’s Electronics Center” (97% rating).

100% new, unused phones.

B&H only charged tax in NY and NJ, and the shipping is free. Depending on where you live, it is estimated to arrive within 2 to 3 days. Honestly, with the prices so close to each other after factoring tax and shipping, this woot deal is not as good originally thought and is, in fact, more expensive for me than B&H.