Google Pixel/Pixel XL (VZW Unlock)(S&D)

It is unlocked to work with most US networks, including GSM networks. I can’t speak to networks outside the US.

I’m running Pixel from Verizon and I have active option to unlock bootloader.

Q, try turning off all notifications (app & phone) and then turn them back on. We may have missed the original signal.

PS: The App BOC notification doesn’t work because it blows up our servers.

Does scratch & dent also include screen burn in? Or just external physical condition?

I ask because I’ve seen some Pixel/Pixel 2 devices in the past with super-noticeable images heavily burned into the screen (navigation icons, demo screen text, or even app icons, etc).

Speaking generally and not specifically about the pixel…

Usually refurb means that someone opened the box and then had buyers remorse or there was something wrong with it and it was fixed. Your safe to assume the phone is fully functional and have w00ts 90 day return policy if something goes wrong within 90 days or you receive if broken. That being said, most of the time they are fixed with the same part that has been known to go bad and it may break on you later. Personally I often buy refurbished to save money. I have never regretted buying a refurb in over 100 purchases. When I have had issues, I did not regret buying refurbished, but instead regretted buying that specific model. Usually I was relieved I didn’t spend full price on it to begin with.

+1 I would like to know this too.

I am thinking the exact same thing. This looks to me like google is trying to dump a whole bunch of these phones and clear out inventory because they know the price will go down when Pixel 3 is launched. Since my current phone works fine, I think I might wait a month or 2. I am wondering if I can get a used pixel for half this price in November.

Anyone want to give some advice on choosing this phone versus a new Moto G6 that is in a similar price range. Thanks!

Don’t forget that Pie will be the last OTA update.

Pixel XL and Pixel:
No guaranteed Android version updates after October 2018.
No guaranteed security updates after October 2019.

i’m skeptical it will go any lower, they will just stop selling them altogether, at least in USA

FWIW the one I received appears to have just the slightest burn-in of the bottom navigation bar.

I can confirm that this process worked to successfully unlock the bootloader on the Pixel XL I received (YMMV, and if you don’t know what unlocking the bootloader means, don’t worry about trying to do it).

Activated mine on Fi network yesterday. Works fine.

Activated mine on Fi network yesterday. Works fine.

Mine just activated on Sprint with no issues at all (swapped in to an existing 1-year free BYOD plan).
I successfully unlocked the bootloader (to make sure I could roll back to Oreo if necessary), updated to Android 9.0 Pie, and so far so good, no audio/mic problems (knock on wood).

Is anyone having trouble with their phone? I got one for my husband and apps keep crashing. And phone calls are hit or miss. I have this model as well and never had any issues with it.

Hi there. I’m sorry to hear that you’re having problems. If you don’t figure it out, contact our customer service to return it.

Please use the Woot Customer Service form for assistance.

On mine the wifi appears to be broken out of the box. :frowning: I can see local networks, but not connect to them. It says “connecting…” for a few seconds and then gives up. Tried doing a factory reset, same thing. I’m gonna contact Woot Support in a bit.

Preparing For Shipment
Estimated delivery date: Monday, October 15, 2018