Google Pixel (Verizon and GSM)

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Google Pixel (Verizon and GSM)
Price: $199.99 - 254.99
Shipping Options:: $5 Standard (Free with Prime) OR $10 Two-Day OR $20 One-Day
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 1-2 business days (Friday, May 18 to Monday, May 21) + transit
Condition: Refurbished


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Before anyone asks, you cannot unlock the bootloader (Verizon locked).

(Since this will come up eventually.)

Yes, this phone will work on ALL US carriers (and MVNOs).

And yes, the dates given for guaranteed software updates are wrong.

Woot posted the dates for the Pixel 2. (Though I’m blaming Amazon for that.)

Woot: stop calling Verizon phones “unlocked.” VZW is the one US carrier which locks ALL of their Android phones down hard.

“Unlocked” means that you can use it with a carrier other than Verizon.

What about ProjectFi?

Fi runs on Sprint and T-Mobile, it will work.

Does anyone know the model number? Is this the G-2PW2100?

Even if the bootloader was unlockable, you still wouldn’t describe the phone as unlocked, since it wouldn’t be unlocked at the time you received it. Carrier-unlocked and having a bootloader that’s unlockable are two different things.

Is this phone worth buying if google is going to stop updating? I want to use this phone for fi and just to be part of the Android community.

Background: I have a google pixel (verizon edition) and currently use it on google fi.

This is a great phone…right up until it isn’t. My microphone stopped working the other day and I found from my online search that this is a pretty common issue. Since these are refurbs, maybe that issue has been taken care of, but buyer beware.

However, I loved my pixel/fi experience enough that I am trading it in for a pixel 2. Apparently I enjoy rewarding companies who sell a defective product…

Do we know anything about the battery status?

I’m confused… every time I see a phone posted it says Verizon & GSM… but why no support for Sprint users? But then to read some of the comments, they say this will work for anything, including Project FI which is Sprint & T-Mobile I believe, so will this work on Sprint or not? Been feeling left out for so long as Verizon compatibility is not the same as Sprint, even though they are both CDMA.

Will this mobile work in India?

The batteries are tested and replaced if needed.

What is the replacement threshold? 80%? 75%? A different metric?

Thats not true. What Woot is referring to is SIM unlocked. Verizon has had all their phone SIM unlocked since the bought the 700MHz spectrum from FCC. It was part of the requirement.
What you are referring to, is boot-loader unlocked. Which has nothing to do with the ability to work on other carriers. Just you personal choice to root the phone.

Has this phone been ever used, or it is straight refurbished from manufacturer.