Google Pixel (VZW/GSM Unlocked)(S&D)

Google Pixel (VZW/GSM Unlocked)(S&D)

Has anyone ordered one of these? What condition did yours come in? How much memory does yours have? add states capacity: 128 gb, but specs. state either 32 or 128 gb!!! How do you like it?

This one will have 128 GB.

Does anyone know if i can activate this using Verizon prepaid? anyone?

What condition are these in? Does it come with a SIM card?

You can find that info for the condition (refurbished) under the sale price and for the SIM card (Nano Sim) in the specs.

The add does not say it comes with a charger! Does it?

Comes with a USB cable for your charging needs.


This works on ALL US carrier options.

received mine today and my first thoughts are that im very impressed and happy with the purchase. as to the condition of the phone being S&D, it barely fits that bill. I have two small scratches on the back that are less than a centimeter long. The screen looks brand new (and it may be?) and the phone functions perfectly.

I have VZW prepaid, and inserted my sim card and it was immediately recognized and i began receiving calls and texts immediately, and the data works exactly as it should.

im glad i stumbled across this Woot, it certainly made me say WOOT!

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