Google Pixel XL (Factory Unlocked)(S&D)

Google Pixel XL (Factory Unlocked)(S&D)

For the sake of others:

Is this the Verizon version (which is compatible with all US carriers) and which has a locked bootloader, or is this the one with the unlocked bootloader?

I know it says factory unlocked, but when I see people saying that, it’s usually the locked bootloader one.

I just bought one of these earlier today for $8 more than the current price. But the comments were reset and this item doesn’t even appear on Electronics anymore. This is pretty weird.

EDIT: Original link where I bought it from this morning here: … The link in my email took me to this deal/thread.

On the features tab it states: “This is the US version of this phone and is compatible with major US carriers, including AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, and Verizon.” So, I figure it is compatible with Version – or at least Woot thinks it is?

Hi there. I’m looking into this. In the meantime, reach out to woot customer service.

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Both versions are compatible with all US carriers (even those who don’t support 4G LTE).

The difference between them, however, is that the Verizon version comes with a locked bootloader, which means that the phone would not be able to be rooted/have a custom ROM flashed onto it.

There have been exploits in the past, but monthly secuirty updates would block them.

Pixels have broad compatibility with GSM and CDMA networks. In theory, a Pixel purchased from any US carrier should be compatible with all US carriers. These particular phones are Verizon ones, but they will work on GSM networks as well.

So locked bootloader. Gotcha.

I feel like this should be mentioned on the main page whenever they come up, since it would make a difference to some people.