Google Pixel XL (Factory Unlocked)(S&D)

Google Pixel XL (Factory Unlocked)(S&D)

A couple of questions, do these have a guaranteed battery wear/capacity like the Amazon renewed ones do? Also, does anyone know if these are verizon versions or do they have the unlocked bootloader from the google store?

Great deal, Thanks!

I’ve been told that Factory unlocked means that they weren’t built for any particular provider so not a Verizon phone.

Our vendors check batteries and replace if needed. Usually in the 70-80% range.

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They will work with Verizon

Google launched these with fully unlocked for any carrier

If you look online you will see where they talk about it in the launch links

Hi there. I wasn’t saying that it wouldn’t work with Verizon. He asked if it was a Verizon phone - a branded phone. It’s not.

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That was not the question, all Google Pixel phones are carrier-unlocked, but not all come with a user unlockable bootloader.

The thing is with Pixel phones, for some reason Verizon insists that the bootloader be non-user-unlockable for the models they sell (even though they have the same model number as the truly unlocked ones directly from the Google Store). This means that when Google does eventually stop supporting these with software updates, you will be unable to update it yourself.

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It wasn’t? What was the question then?

So just to confirm, these phones were not originally Verizon sold Pixel XLs with the locked bootloaders?

Trade in value only $65. Can’t game the system that way…

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Trade in to whom?

This unit struck me as incredibly similar to the LG V20 I bought here several months ago, for about the same price. Apparently they are:

And while the LG may just edge the Pixel out, for a three year old phone, they both still work VERY well. They were both ahead of their time.

Bottom line; if you need a decent, hard-working phone, with many bells and whistles, this is a great deal.

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I have the LG V20 using Tello/Sprint and I agree it is a very good phone. My only complaint is the battery seldom makes it through the day after charging in the evening. I have never seen a phone battery discharge so quickly.

Maybe I should give this Pixel a try next.


Google Fi

Yeah the major benefit with the Pixels is the complete absence of bloatware, which is a major benefit to not only battery life but performance, and avoiding slow down over time as well.

I remember when the Pixel 2s were new there was a scandal about the XL variant (Subcontracted out to LG, the non XL to HTC) had issues with the screens not having true color tones.

With the first gen Pixels (this listing), both the XL and non-XL variants were made by HTC, whose talent Google ultimately bought outright. Long story short I wouldn’t buy an LG V20 or a Pixel 2 XL just because of the LG factor.

Bought one about a year and a half ago. Ended up having water damage and lasted about a year before basically dying.

My understanding is that these were not originally Verizon phones. If you find out differently, you can always reach out to Woot customer service to return it.

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One thing to note is that December will be the last updates these phones receive. After that they are unsupported by Google and vulnerabilities, bugs, etc. will not be patched.

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Just got mine delivered yesterday and the charge port is so worn out the charging cable just falls out. :sob:

I’m so sorry. Please contact Woot Customer Service. From a browser, use the Woot Customer Service form. In the Woot App, choose Account from the bottom navigation and then Support.

Intrigued, but… only $13 separated the 128GB from the 32GB?!? Too dear for such a jump in memory, IMHO.
If the 128GB was $128, then I’d have thought a 64GB to be $100-$110 and the 32GB to be $70-$80.
(Or keep with the $1 per GB of the 128GB at $128, and do the 32GB at $32?):thinking::innocent::joy: