Google Wifi System (1st Gen)

Google Wifi System (1st Gen)

Will this wifi spy on me and tell the googleplex, the NSA, and china everything I’ve done on the internet, including typing this snarky message? Or is that feature built into the second gen model?


we will send someone right over to ‘explain’ this to you…


I have these in my house and they work awesome


These are great when you have to extend your WiFi farther than 25 feet and wire them. I ran CAT 6 out to a shed about 200 ft away and wired it to this. Works great. Google states only 25-30 feet between APs yet Ethernet goes 300 feet. The Gen2 WiFi AP don’t have Ethernet ports. Only the Gen2 routers do and they are expensive.


Does “refurbished” mean if it doesn’t work well that it can be returned as “defective”?

This system does not have the hardware to listen to you like the next generation. That being said it is Google, so they could be sending all your browsing data to Google servers.

I have 5 of these in my house and they are great. These are much better than the newer ones and quite a bit cheaper. I actually bought the 2nd gen, set them up, then returned them and went back to these.

Can’t recommend this enough. Wifi throughout the house is fast and rock solid. The app makes management a breeze.

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“Refurbished” covers everything from buyers’ remorse returns and products whose defects have been repaired by the pros to damaged packaging and discontinued items. If you can accept their checkered past, refurbs have a lot of love to give.

Here’s our return policy:

And you have a 90-day woot warranty (bottom of the features)

Only 2 Ethernet ports? :skull:

I agree. Have had them for a couple years. The phone app is awesome too.

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I bought these a few years ago. Still going strong to this day. I reccomend them to everybody.

Google sells the Refurbished Google Wifi 3‑Pack for $179, and it includes a one-year warranty.

Additionally, six (6) months of 0% financing is available if you use Google Store Financing (Synchrony Bank).

Note: The Refurbished Google Wifi 3‑Pack appears to be out of stock at the moment.

I have three setup in my home as well and they’re amazingly robust. I connect a switch onto each of the “pucks” which connect to a variety of computers, servers, game consoles, and IP cameras with a PoE switch and it’s solid. I can’t recommend these enough!

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Your ISP is already reporting all your activity, not just Google.

Can I ask why you returned the 2nd generation of the Google wifi? I already have the 1st gen and thinking about getting the 2nd gen.

These things are great if installed correctly, which means pulling Cat-6 minimum cable and terminating with an RJ-45 Plug on an outlet at the device end and Patch Panel or Jack into modular Panel at the Rack end. At the Rack you should have at least an unmanaged switch to handle Wi-Fi traffic only. So many out there are complaining about their service providers crappy Wi-Fi and its because they’re so lazy they don’t install outlets anymore. Also during Rona everyone on your street has been saturating Wi-Fi and the interference knocks your kid off the Playstation Network. So yeah, do it right the first time with a product like this. :call_me_hand:

Pretty much every app on your phone is listening to you also.

Can anyone tell me if these would work with fiber optic cable? The line is run directly into the house and goes directly into my router - no modem or cable box.