Google Wifi System (1st Gen)

Google Wifi System (1st Gen)

bought this the last offering, installed very easily and is much faster than the Samsung mesh system that it replaced.

Bought one of these the last time they were available, to extend the Google WiFi network already in my house. Setup was very simple, it easily integrated into our environment. I had one of these in my Amazon cart for a while, the price holding steady at $99. Figured I’d take a shot at one of these refurb units for $30 cheaper, and I’ve been happy so far.


I currently have one, but I need a 2nd one.

Did you buy the 1-pack or the 3-pack? Do they all look the same?

I need my 2nd one to be wireless so I can extend my signal, and I’m wondering if the 1-pack will solve my issue. I don’t need the 3 pack on top of the one I already have.



You only need to buy one. That’s a cool aspect of this WiFi mesh network opportunity. Buy one more and go through the App to set it up auto-magically.

Good luck!


That’s great - thanks!

I just wanted to confirm that I didn’t need the Ethernet network wire to extend my 2nd one when purchasing only the 1-pack.

I appreciate the help.