Google Wifi System 3-pack

Google Wifi System 3-pack

This is a WiFi system. Why are there mentions of how this can charge any Qi compatible device? I don’t think it can.


Yeah, that’s a complete “out of left field” missive that is just totally wrong. There is no Qi charging with Google WiFi.

Now, the WiFi works beautifully. It really does give you strong WiFi everywhere. However, I discovered that if the internet connection goes down for whatever reason, you also lose your home network. Google WiFi takes down the home network if it loses connection to the Google cloud. Since my home automation depends upon the home network, I need the home network operational regardless of the connection to the internet. So, I had to replace my Google WiFi even though I really loved it.

yay now you can pay to have google spy on you.

As if you weren’t already being spied on.

I think our writing team had a small cut and paste snafu. Or maybe they’re talking about the Feng Shui of the items? Who’s to know?

Do you really want Google listening in on every WiFi device in your home? These things are just Google spies masquerading as routers

Fun fact, your data doesn’t usually go through a “Content Delivery Network” directly from the website. It hops across a bunch of people’s hardware, where they can log un-encrypted packets. Also people with access to your wifi or public wifi can log everything. VPN and proxy can spy too.

Then you have every major government spying. Then you have hackers who figured out how to use the back doors that governments put into every piece of hardware and software. Then you have e-biometrics, cookies, etc (tracking).

Don’t assume what you do online is private. Use credit card instead of other payment methods online because the Visa pays for the fraud instead of you.

The RK50 Netgear Orbi Woot had a while back would be substantially faster than Google Wifi because it has a dedicated third channel for backhaul from the satellites to the base.