Goose Ridge Estate Merlot (3)

Goose Ridge Estate Merlot 3-Pack
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2008 Estate Merlot, Goose Ridge Estate Vineyard, Columbia Valley
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Looks interesting. 22 months in oak, Columbia Valley fruit. CT notes are not especially encouraging, although Stephen Tanzer gave it a score of 88.

Anyone have tasting notes for this wine?

Specs read new world. High alcohol, high PH. TA is ok though. Not particularly interesting. Why should I want this?

Edit: it’s a nice looking bottle And I have typically liked Columbia valley wines.

I bought some of these for the wife, too strong for her, but this Cab drinker likes these. a solid wine for sure

Did somebody hack Fred’s account? :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

lol, I know weird huh?
I’m doing an inventory (for CT) of my wines right now, I’m at 115 (of 223) and there is 1 Merlot, and 2 Sangiovese’s mixed in there somehow. :slight_smile:

Get that outta here!

A sangio?! Come on!!! Have you seen how light that S is? :tongue:

Musta been a shipment that got mixed up and Fred didn’t really check it out upon arrival.
How else could this be?

Hey I’m Italian what can I say?