Goosecross Cellars 2004 Twentieth Anniversary Sparkling Rose

YESS CHAMPAGNE!! I love you woot. (Platonically of course) Can I get these shipped to northern CA before friday of this week if I order now?

hmmm… on the fence on this one; any recommendations? Never tried it.

Man, am I tempted.

I need to do some peeping on the interweb before I buy, but…

Damn you Woot! Damn you straight to the burning maw of Zul!

Winery website is $35/bottle. Haven’t been able to find much on this wine. I’ll keep looking and let you know.

Yeah, everything i’ve found has been in the $30 - 35 a bottle range.

I’m in for one… didn’t find much on the net but the few comments were positive and they are selling for $35 EA. This should be good for the post New Year’s celebration (after drinking my favorites).

I’ve had their '04 Pinot ($30) and scored it an 87.

It was nice enough.

yes, with room to spare.

this is a pretty big producer they do alot of novelty things like sell engraved bottles for special occasions or sell chocolate covered bottles- i have found there wines to be pretty good across the board-

seems like a pretty good woot

Went for ONE, It’s the Holiday season and this will go well under the tree, and into my belly later on that night I imagine.

Sounds like a good New Year’s eve present to myself.

Serving notes: This delightful sparkling table wine can be enjoyed anywhere from 2 to 4 years. Serve well chilled at 42°

I Suggest that unless your tree is outside, one goes into the frig, and one goes under the tree

Aldis has pink champagne for $3.99. Silly woot, always overpriced…

If I had to guess this would be something like my grocery store would carry… I will stick with woot or a more reputable liquor store for my wine and champagne needs

This stuff looks like the perfect New Years “Bubbly”

I’ll woot for two…and stagger back to my Co2 opener that I got on a 2 for Tuesday thanks to WOOT…hic…wow…you guys are so…hic…helpful…Let me just say that the Monkey wine…hic…is the shizzle my nizzle…hic…

[quote user=“fargan1212”]
This stuff looks like the perfect New Years “Bubbly”

Like fargan I couldn’t resist trying one of the bottles of Monkey Prize and it definitely didn’t disappoint! I was so impressed that I gave a few bottles as Christmas gifts but will cellar the rest (if possible).
I’ll have to do a little more research on the “bubbly” but if it’s half as good as the Monkey Prize I’m in for 2! Cheers.

I’m in for one… sight-unseen/unreviewed. done deal. kaching!

I went in for one - it looks like a nice sparkling wine, plus the tasting notes from the winery say to pair it with pizza and that is one of my favorite fun pairings.

Aldis is a grocery store, and a pretty low-end one at that.
A $3.99 wine is probably their premium selection. :slight_smile: