GoPro Accessories From PolarPro

These “selfie sticks” are very silly. I’d be embarrassed to use one.


I agree that the selfie stick is odd and embaressing…it does seem like a good deal. The single filter sells for $30 on amazon.

The 3-Pack (non-aqua) sells for $60

The specs for the two poles with batteries integrated say “Compatible with all GoPro Cameras.” This is not correct. The poles use the USB power connection that was first used in the Hero 3. They are compatible with the 3, 3+ and 4; but not models earlier than the 3.

It’s a narcissistick!

Selfie Sticks are a blessing for those that wanna take a quick family pic without handing your phone to a stranger that will probably produce a blurry pic or drop your $900 iPhone!

We use our when we go to the beach and hike.

You can also use them to create video podcasts or YouTube videos for your show.

More than just a EgoStick or narcissistick :slight_smile:

I just ordered 2 of these.

I purchased a bunch from Amazon for $10-$20.

I hand them out to our business partners so they can create videos for their businesses.

The cheap 10-20 ones tend to rotate sometimes from the weight of the phone.

This stick looks like it will not spin around easy.

Anyone ever need to use an external mic? are these any good here?

The one offered here is okay, but the mic has a tendency to spin while jacked in. There are better (but substantially more expensive) options.

A Me-pole!

The perfect gadget to extend in some place like the Sistine Chapel while wearing your “Ask Me About My Vow Of Silence” tee-shirt.

Selfies will be someday seen in the same light as 70’s polyester “leisure suits” are seen today.

Too bad the can’t make them for real cameras.

Should you buy a selfie stick?

We actually started including a rubber gasket that prevents it from spinning 3 weeks ago :slight_smile:

The Tripod version does allow you to use it with real cameras! However a dslr would be pretty heavy to have on the end of it.

Since you are on here. Are the filters glass or plastic? Is the polarized the same as a single or in the three-pack?

Would be good for lifting over crowds at parades, etc. with a compact camera. The remote is a challenge.

Put a bag over your head then!

didn’t you read description and the spec’s? Says Glass!!! Read all the listing!

Why? I have you to read them for me. Thanks.