GoPro Hero 4 Session or Hero Session

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GoPro Hero 4 Session or Hero Session
Price: $89.99 - 99.99
Shipping Options:: $5 Standard (Free with Prime)
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 3-5 business days (Friday, Mar 09 to Wednesday, Mar 14) + transit
Condition: Refurbished


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Could… not… resist…


What are the differences and which is better?

  • Faster “record” delay (only ~2.5 second delay between “OFF” and “Recording” when using One-Button filming, which is nearly 2X as fast as the Hero Session) SO session 4 is better… hope that helps ya!

That’s the only difference?

That and 10 dollars!

“The Hero Session has since had a number of price cuts, as well as being renamed as the plain Hero Session (losing the 4). It shouldn’t also be confused with the newer and more feature-rich GoPro Hero 5 Session.” -
from here

"You’d be forgiven for being slightly confused about the Hero Session. It was originally launched a year ago, called the Hero4 Session, at £329.
Today, it’s called simply the Hero Session and costs £159 from Currys. Yet it’s the same camera: GoPro slashed the price after poor sales. It’s also had a fair few firmware updates which addressed much of the criticism at launch -
from here

anyone know if either of these are 4k?


The Hero 4 Session is 1080p60. If you want 4k you’ll have to go up to the Hero 5 Session (or higher model), which is currently on amazon for a great price ($200). You don’t need a WP housing for the 5s and up, they have image stabilization, etc. You can’t remove the batteries from the Session series, which is a downside if you’re doing a lot of continuous filming, but for powered applications (time lapses w/ battery pack, dashcam, etc.) and shorter filming they are great.

Negative just short of 4K,
Full HD just above 1080p.

Will this be like last time where the cameras arrived loose in a white box with finger smudges on the lens protector?

I’d look elsewhere. My Session 4 ordered here was beat to heck, dropped in a plain box with absolutely zero packaging - and to top it off, it arrived DOA. It was just rattling around like a toddler toy in there. If it was “refurbished” - it was refurbished by someone with no vision, and no sense of touch. MAYBE I got an outlier, but I suspect not. Interestingly enough, when I started my return, Woot was out and just gave me a credit. I suspect there are LOADS of bum Heros floating around on the interwebs waiting to darken the door of the next victim. My advice - spend the extra $40 or so and buy new.

bought this last time it was on woot, about 2 moths ago, and used it strictly for snorkeling in Maui. Camera worked great under water but the color wasn’t great. My eyes could see all the colors of the fish but the camera couldn’t pick it up at all. I haven’t used it for anything else yet but it started up real fast and the out of water recording that I did pick up was crystal clear. It does NOT have image stabilization so your action shots may be a bit bouncy. And since it doesn’t have a screen you have to use the app to see what your pointing at while recording. I am happy with it because I don’t care about having an action cam, but if I was into this more I would save up for a better one with a screen.


when its a refurb electronics item like this, do they typically put in a new battery, or do u need to check it well when u get it (and does the limited warranty cover batteries?)

I bought one of these and was nothing but headaches. It had the last user information which prevented from pairing with my IPAD. Have a new Hero 5 which worked perfect.

I would never buy one used because the refurbish process was zero. They did not look at it, simply resold a returned defective product.

Son bought one cannot do anything with it because he doesnt have previous owners password. Last person’s username is on it though

Count me as another person who can’t connect to the app because the previous owner’s password is on it. Seriously how does this happen? That’s refurb 101. Someone should be fired for this