GoPro Hero 4 Session

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GoPro Hero 4 Session
Price: $99.99
Shipping Options:: $5 Standard
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 1-2 business days (Monday, Dec 18 to Tuesday, Dec 19) + transit
Condition: Refurbished


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Anyone know if it’s possible to live stream from the GoPro to your phone?

Yea, dude sitting next to me doin it now.

Yay they lowered the price after I bought one the other day. Lol. Still was a good deal on a good camera though.

What’s the warranty?

I use these on my kayak for my YouTube channel. Super easy to use and great video quality. Great buy. I went in for 2

90 day Woot limited warranty

Full details of warranty listed under Features section.

What’s the battery duration during time lapse mode? I assume the two hours mentioned is only when it’s actively recording video.

what’s the cosmetic condition ?

Took mine traveling internationally. Handy little number. Accessory packs are really cheap on mothership & ebay. I found a nice handle that also converts into a tripod which was great.

A couple downsides in desc order of importance.

  1. no photo timer. Srsly, no basic 3 sec or 10 sec timer so you can set it on a tripod and take a posed family photo. Lame! Sure you can use the app to trigger the shutter but that’s awkward. Time lapse, but no timer. 1st camera I’ve owned that doesn’t have a timer.
  2. Phone app is frustrating as hell. They change the app so you have to sign in to use your camera. I would have put this first as it was really bad until they created a bypass which is still cumbersome. The user forums blew up over this. Just let me use my camera without any hindrance!
  3. On the highest video resolution settings, the phone app won’t display what is being recorded. Not a huge deal and I get why, but with no viewfinder it is an inconvenience.

In short, many of my most memorable photos from my trip were taken on my phone because it has a timer.

For $99 though, this seems a decent deal. Other action cams are usually cheaper and probably much easier to use (based on Hero forum re: app sign-in; timer; etc).

Going for a quality post here…

It is a camera.

Thank you.

I’ve never seen a video camera with a self-timer. But you bring up a good point: how good are the still shots from this (mostly) video camera?

Yes. You set it up and control it from your phone.

It’s December 17 and Woot can’t get it to me by the end of the week (Friday the 22nd)? Deal breaker. Bummer. I thought I had my son’s Christmas gift figured out, finally.

After just about losing a Hero5 to the asphalt, I’ll take a refurb out to do the real dirty work from now on.
I’m in for one.

Who is this refurbished by, a factory refurb, or someone else?

Do these have new batteries since they aren’t user replaceable?

The Department Of Redundancies Department generated the ‘Specs’ section.

Widescreen Video Capture Yes
Digital Video Format H.264
Image Recording Format JPEG
Max Video Resolution 1920 x 1440
Image Recording Format JPEG
Max Video Resolution 1920 x 1440
Digital Video Format H.264
Widescreen Video Capture Yes

Good info.
Good info.