Gordini: He gloves me, he gloves me not...

Sweet, the gloves I missed during the Woot-Off are back!

Happy New Year!!

Have any men purchased the colored fleece gloves for women? If so, how do they fit?

Is there a size chart? I looked but couldn’t find one.

I purchased these brown leather gloves just prior to Christmas. I do not recommend them, even at this price. They run very large in terms of sizing and the fleece on top is so thin that it does not provide any protection or warmth. The leather portion is quite nice.

I’m in for a pair of the down mittens for my son.

Does anyone know if the down insulated mittens actually have the Heatrap pocket/feature? The picture of does not clearly show a pocket for the hand warmer.

Just wondering…

•Features AquaBloc® Heatrap®

I bought the ladies down mittens when they were selling a few days before Christmas and they seriously blow my mind. As a life long Texan who now has to deal with terrible Boston winters, I couldn’t be happier! They’re warm, dry, and super comfy, and they have nice grips on the palms so you don’t become completely useless like with other mittens.

As far as the sizing, they do run a little on the big side. I have chubby non-ladyish ogre hands, and the mediums are a good fit with a bit of room to wiggle.

Sizing Chart http://gordini.com/products/sizing

Look under specs.

I’m thinking of buying these but was wondering if these mittens have finger lining or if it’s just two pockets inside (one for thumb, the other for the rest).

No finger liner… just the standard pocket and thumb set-up.

Even after looking at Gordini’s website, I can’t find the Men’s Leather/Fleece anywhere on the website for pricing/additional information for comparison. Can anyone link to this item on their site ?

I am also very interested in the Leather/Fleece mens gloves. any extra information would be greatly accepted. I am currently on the fence.

edit: found a link

$30 - Basic Description

i have not read the whole page, but i hope this helps.

some of them are so lovely and i will take some as new year gifts for my friends’ children.