Gordini Snow Goggles



You’ve seen the gloves, now see the goggles. No snow? What sort of other things can you use these goggles for?


Are these the same color as the other goggles just different lenses?? or are these really black/ purple/white? the little picture looks different then the when you actually click on the goggles?? are these girls goggles?


Same question as ctiede45! The goggles page shows them as a different color as when you click on “Gordini Gasp Snow Goggles by Ben Tour with Clear Flash Lens”. Then it shows a different color. Which is correct?


I ordered these on woot about two months ago, the webpage picture discrepency existed back then too. I was hoping for the black/white version (the details page) but they sent the first picture’s version (pink/red/white). They’re slightly girly but I’ll still wear them, I mean it’s not like they’re bright pink and even my 9 year son who got a pair too never even mentioned it as looking girly. He was thrilled. I also paid more, woot was selling these for $30 not $27. Boo!


Thank you for the info! i would buy them if they were black like show in the detailed picture… ugh need goggles soon!!


Did you contact support@woot.com about getting the wrong product?


We’re inquiring about this :slight_smile: Thanks for the heads up.

update: And FIXED! Thanks again everyone! :slight_smile:


I see the new pair of goggles in there. but still when you click on the Gordini Gasp Snow Goggles by Ben Tour with Clear Flash Lens goggles, they are different when you go to the more detailed page.
One more question… would i be able to purchase the Gordini Gasp Snow Goggles by Ben Tour with Gold Lite Lens goggles but with the Clear Flash Lens??

thank you!


Any insight as to how the clear flash lenses perform in bright sunlight vs. night skiing?


Id use them for anything requiring protection: Leaf blowing, quading/4 wheeling, saw dust protection in a woodshop, fast cylcing.


Does these fit melon or pancake heads? Given spherical lens are unbendable, I presume the goggle fits only one size of face.


The question is…do they have UV protection??? What does the box say?


Do they have UV protection? Polarization?


if they are polarized, that would be great. I can watch 3D movies with it.


I found this on the Gordini site:

Lens Technology

VLT is a measure of the amount of total visible light that will pass through the lens, Different tints offer specific VLT to enhance vision in various light conditions. All Gordini® lens tints protect your eyes from 100% of these harmful forms of solar radiation. All lenses provide 100% protection from harmful UVA and UVB rays.


I assume that the question was not in jest… 3D polarized glasses are different from polarized sunglasses like these…

Polarized sunglasses block horizontal polarized light so you don’t get glare from flat reflective surfaces.

3D movies work completely differently - using two circular projections…


I ordered the Banana’s with gold lens yesterday, and I leave on the 16th for my ski trip and have not gotten tracking numbers. Should I be worried? Should I cancel this order and place expediated shipping? Any help would be great, thanks.


i wouldn’t worry yet. it can take up to five days for us to process & ship orders out, but usually it’s much less. since you’ve got a specific concern & you ordered yesterday, i’d suggest emailing Support@Woot.com about your situation.


This is definitely not a flat set of goggles, so…melon head? Both my boyfriend and I bought some and they fit great because they have so much padding between goggle and face, it conforms to big and small faces. We love them, super comfy and no fog!