Gorilla 11,200 mAh Portable Battery Pack

I got this the last time they had it on sale and it’s still working strong. I always take it with me for group outings and it lasts the whole night rotating between my group of buddies as they each charge their phone. The charge decay is still low, I lose maybe a few % a week if it sits idle in my desk drawer. The flashlight feature has come in handy way too many times to count. The only two “cons” I have is that it’s a bit bulky, and being a guy, I don’t have a “purse” to carry it around in so I usually just have to have it sticking out my back pocket or holding it like a phone in my hand. The second is that because it’s a tank of energy, it takes quite a while to charge. If I run it low one night, it takes more than 12 hours to get back to full charge. Other than those two “cons”, this thing has saved me from ever seeing the “10% battery remaining” on my phone ever since I got it. Well worth the $20, even makes a great gift!