Gorilla 16,800 mAh Battery Pack w/LED Screen

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Gorilla 16,800 mAh Battery Pack w/LED Screen
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The compatibility list leaves out the iPhone 4. I can’t imagine why it wouldn’t be compatible when the 3S and 4S are, but anybody know for sure?

Let’s learn all about Gorilla Gadgets

The micro to Lightning adapter sells for $19.99 under Apple brand. This is a good deal for that alone as long as this is certified (note that non-MFI certified Lightning products will not work if your device is running iOS7 or later). Reviews on Amazon seem to indicate this is not MFI-certified.

15 to 18 hours to charge??? Wow. That seems like a significant amount of time, no?

it is a long time… but that is because you are basically charging 8 phones with one wall plug! most phones are between 2000 and 2500 mAh

When I seen this first thing that came to mind. You want me to buy a old battery on closeout?

So, I can buy this on Amazon for $59, get free prime 2-day shipping, and it has a year warranty; or I can spend $40 here, pay $5 for shipping, and get 90 days.

Curious if anyone has experience with these and know how long the battery is going to last?

Bought one of these a while back. These packs take a long, long time to charge. Use the pack when traveling and find out I generally don’t stay that long in any place for it to be fully charged. Yes, I can still use it if it’s not fully charged, but there’s the nagging thought that I should have gotten it fully charged before I trek off somewhere else. Also, attempted to use this to run a GPS that I couldn’t plug into a rental car’s cigarette lighter receptacle. The battery pack’s output wasn’t strong enough to power the GPS, even when the pack was fully charged. Found the LED light function helpful when needed. Carry it around for emergencies for charging spent cellphones.

I got one from Woot a while back. Works great. It does take a LONG time to charge, but if you leave with a 55% charge, that is like 4 of the little battery bricks. One output is stronger for charging some devices faster (like iPads). I have used the supplied cord to charge my iPhone 5S, iPad Mini, Kindle, Bluetooth Headphones, and Bluetooth Speaker.

I carry a USB battery park as part of my emergency kit in my car and at the office “just in case”, along with the needed adapters.

Battery is 16.8 Ah. Lithium cells are 3.7V, so that’s 62 Wh. Power from USB is 5V @ 0.5A, which works out to be 2.5W. 62 / 2.5 is about 25 hours, assuming there’s no loss, charging from completely drained. Assuming moderate loss from the voltage conversion and a 1A charger, 15 hours sounds about right.

Just to be clear …

I get that this device can charge other devices but I’ll assume it can be used as an aux battery by itself, correct? say I’m on a plane, the tablet is drained in the middle of watching a movie. I just plug my Surface in and I’m good to go?

I’ve used the Gorilla Gadget extended battery for the Galaxy S3, and the protective case that goes along with it for over a year now without any problems. For as many times as I’ve dropped my phone, it shouldn’t still be working or have a non-cracked screen. As for the battery, I can use my phone all night at work, streaming bluetooth music to my headset, and surfing the internet via Wifi- and still have around 50% when I get off from my 8 hour shift.

Not the Surface - that requires 12V with a proprietary connector while this battery pack is probably 5V.

Bought one last time around and it works great with the iphone 4.

SOLID REVIEWS: Reviews everywhere are very high on average 4-5 stars.

BEST PRICE: Price is very good. Cheapest price elsewhere is $58.00 at Amazon Prime. Other prices range to $69.

Many reviews are actually for the lower capacity models. This one has 16,800 mAh (the rating of how much juice it holds) but all that means is that yours will charge more times than the ones reviewed (the higher the number, the more capacity to charge devices).

BEST (OPTIONAL) WARRANTY: The only differences I found elsewhere was the warranty time: Woot offers 90 days others offered as high as 1 yr BUT at higher prices. If that bothers you (it doesn’t bother me) then get the 2 years Square Trade warranty woot offers you at checkout for just $5.99.

So best price around even with best (optional) warranty around, it means this offer can’t be beat with a stick.

Finally the value that woot used to be known for!

I’m in for 2.

Good woot, woot.

Keep in mind you are charging the equivalent of several phones/iPads. Once charged, you will be able to charge your phones/pads at least 3 times before charging this device again.
Comes very handy whenever you don’t have an AC outlet around.