Gorilla 16,800 mAh Battery Pack w/LED Screen

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Gorilla 16,800 mAh Battery Pack w/LED Screen
Price: $39.99
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Condition: New


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“our third-party lightning adapter works with all iOS 7 updates so far (through iOS 7.0.6).”

There have been quite a few updates since 7.0.6.

Basically, unless you have been living under a rock for a few years and haven’t ever updated your phone, the cable provided and adaptor will NOT work with your Iphone 5,5s, or 5c.

Let’s learn all about Gorilla Gadgets and check out the product page

I have 2 of them and their provided adapter works fine with my iPhone 5s, iPods, iPads…everything. (I have an iPhone 5s running iOs 7.1, and another that is jailbroken on 7.0.6, and both charge fine).

Hands down, the best portable backup battery Ive ever had. Easily my favorite Woot (edit: Woot I use the most), except for the elusive BoC of course

I agree with bnedella. I have 2 of these, and the adapter works fine with a 5s, 5th gen ipod touch, and ipad mini, (all current version) as well as any traditional usb device I’ve tried. However, it seems that the adapter does wear out over time.

I am seeing several reviews about this, I want to get one of these but some of the reviews I have been seeing on Amazon state that people are ordering new units but are getting apparently well used units, anyone have this experience?

For an extra $10 you get nearly 50% more juice, with a device that has so much better reviews/ratings. http://www.amazon.com/EC-TECHNOLOGY®-Ultra-high-Thunderbolt-Incredible/dp/B00FDK2G2C/

First, the short review points I’ve noted with my - albeit limited - use:

  • I charged it fully, and left it for a couple of days. It sat at 100% for both of those days, no discharge at all during that time.
  • I charged my phone (Samsung GS5) once, and left the charger with the USB cord plugged in for nearly two weeks, during which time it remained at 78% remaining.
  • It works with the USB 3.0 cord (or any USB cord), as long as I use port 2. If I attempt to use port 1, it charges for ~15 seconds, then stops charging. I’m not certain what the output from each port should be (specs say 1A/2A), but port 2 puts out 5.0VDC, 2.1A, while port 1 puts out 5.0VDC, 1.0A (while it’s putting out, that is).


  1. if the LCD looks scratched, remove the protective film. It may not look or feel like there is one, but they ship with a film applied.
  2. minor manufacturing defects are present on some units.
  3. check to make sure both ports work - if they don’t, their customer service and replacement policy has, from what I gather, been good.
    All issues in mind, it’s still a great deal, as long as you don’t end up with a lemon…]

My experience was along the lines of some of the “I’m getting used devices” reviews.

Now, don’t everyone get defensive - wait for it.

The package looked new, and was wrapped in a (very) thin layer of cling wrap. Being me, I had to get it all off… anyway, once I got it out of the package, I found a couple of things which made the unit appear ‘not new’. Here’s the email I sent their customer support (exactly two weeks ago, and have not heard from them):

I wouldn’t say “well used” but they do not look 100% new.

I’m on my second unit. I sent the first one back to the manufacturer when the USB ports stopped working (unless i wanted to apply constant pressure to the USB cable to maintain a contact). Both units had scratches on the glass screen which gave the impression that they might be used. Customer service was great however. They took my defective unit back without hesitation & i received a replacement within 3 days. Very fast…only problem is the replacement unit has developed the same flaw with the 1A port so now I’m only able to use the 2A. I wish the product quality matched their customer service. The battery itself is a beast. Charged a tablet in use for 7 hours straight & still had juice to spare.

edit: after posting this I read the post about the hard to see plastic film over the screen & whadaya know…peeled it off & the LED screen is flawless.

My math has that battery pack closer to 30% more juice as opposed to 50%. Also, no LED screen unless i missed something. Still a good deal tho. Looks to be in the same housing as the GG and you have a choice of colors too.

I want to know if I can use it in Egypt on 220 just plunging it in the wall will an adapter so it will fit…yes or no…thank you

These battery packs are absolutely terrific, especially at this price-They are much more useful and dependable than the smaller packs you can buy. They really hold a charge a long time (months and months) between uses…probably longer but I haven’t gone that long without using mine. They are a must to have during a power outage…okay, they won’t run the fridge, but if you need a to make a call and your cell is nearly dead, one of these little beauties can be a lifesaver!

Our cabin is off the grid, so if I want to use any electronics when I am up there, or camping or backpacking, for that matter, I just bring my handy dandy Gorilla battery pack with me. I can recharge my android and my Kindle Fire HD several times with ample power left over before ever recharging the battery pack. In addition, this device will power small LED lights, recharge camera batteries, small Bluetooth speakers and rechargeable flashlights, too (with USB connectors-duh!). I have a small portable 15 watt GoalZero solar panel (again, THANK YOU, woot!) that recharges the pack beautifully, too, in case I want to stay away for weeks! This gadget is VERY well made, and is a super deal worth every penny. I am getting a couple more for gifts for my kids! Don’t hesitate to get one…or two! You won’t be sorry!

This charges using a micro-USB cable. If you have a wall adapter for a USB cable (one end would be USB, the other end would be micro-USB), then you can charge it with your wall adapter.

This unit has nothing that plugs into an electrical socket.

After reading the above posts, I will add that the two I have purchased had no issues at all, and appeared brand new. Both work great. I noticed the Square Trade warranty option…such a cheap price for 2 years’ worth of protection makes this a no-brainer, in my opinion.

I’m still doing some functional testing. I decided to leave the phone on the 2.1A (port 2) charger, and throw a cord on the 1.0A (port 1) charger, and hook it to my tablet. Both ports have steady output, and port 1 has not stopped charging, as I noted it did above.

It’s possible that it’s designed to cut off if port 2 isn’t in use. Seems strange, but I’ve seen more bizarre engineering. If that’s the case, though, it should be documented somewhere. I suspect it’s not functioning properly, but I have to call them to discuss the issue.

Fantastic charger, I use it for my iPhone 5s with no problem at all (latest ios), my Kindle and many other electronis. Once charged it holds the charge a very long time. Outstanding deal.

Do think this is a “feature” because I’m able to charge my S4 and my girlfriend’s HTC at the same time, but port 1 will always cut out with just my S4.

Otherwise, I love this thing. I take it with me anytime I travel. I can get 5-7 charges out of it depending on how low my phone goes. It takes a long time to charge, but you’ll be set for much longer than it’ll take you to find a wall outlet. Edit The battery takes a while to charge. Using the 2.0 Port your device charges fairly quickly.

Comments/Discussion from a previous sale

Damn. Just paid about the same amount for a similar one from Monoprice with only 8000 mAh, and their prices are pretty low as it is. This look like an awesome deal.