Gorilla 16,800 mAh Battery Pack w/LED Screen

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Gorilla 16,800 mAh Battery Pack w/LED Screen
Price: $39.99
Shipping Options:: $5 Standard OR $9 Two-Day OR $12 One-Day
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 1-2 business days (Monday, Dec 08 to Tuesday, Dec 09) + transit
Condition: New


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I bought this same item, same price, earlier this year to help with on-the-road charging during a trip to the UK. Well made and does everything as described; gave me multiple-charges ability for my phone and Google Glass over several days. The trade-off for this much battery storage of course is weight. It’s a bit of a brick to carry around in your bag or coat pocket.

These work great. I have a smaller Gorilla battery pack that gives me an iPad and an iPhone recharge or 4-5 iPhone recharges. Great for traveling.

$10 cheaper than Amazon, but if you had Prime, this is no longer a deal at all.


Perhaps I didn’t do the math correctly. Even with Prime it’s $5 cheaper here.

Man, you get 2 day shipping with Prime, and woot shipping takes weeks. Well, if you care…

I won’t argue with you on that point at all.

Just for the sake of argument, here is what woot says, “Get it by December 24th with Standard shipping or faster”, that sounds like more than 2 weeks to me.

Ok… I see the note to not charge it through your iPad…
and to not charge it through your computer, because it will be slow…
so… am I missing something…
you have to have a plug-in 2amp+ USB charger block with you… to charge this up?
It does not plug in, as is?
and that plug-in USB charger adapter, as it were, is not included…

Oh, I see I’m a member of the Claus-Power coalition…

My First woot purchase!

My boyfriend got a couple of these earlier this year and they work great. Awesome idea for a xmas gift.

Maybe I have just been lucky, but MY shipping times average less than 10 days from order to delivery on all my orders from woot…
Just sayn’…

wow, LEDs are getting really good at imitating LCDs these days.

I’ve bought 4 of these for myself and my kids, and they are very useful and a great value.

The capacity allows you to keep your phone or tablet charged for days and the 2A output charges the devices very quickly. I always take one along when I’m going for a day trip or anything similar, so I don’t have to worry about finding a place to charge my devices.

They are kind of large and heavy, but make up for it with lots of amp-hours. The digital readout is nice and the built-in LED is a nice convenience… I’ve never needed it but you can never have too many flashlights.

I haven’t used them heavily, but they’ve gotten pretty good use and have held up fine for the year or so I have had them. Even the finish is really nice, that slick kind of pseudo-rubber that is soft to the touch.

At $40, I think these are a tremendous deal, and would gladly order more, but I don’t need 'em.

Yeah, I’ve ordered dozens of things from Woot! and they almost always show up the same week, usually within 3 or 4 days.

Does anyone have experience with how long these battery packs hold charge? i.e. can you charge it up, let it sit for months, and still have charge?

My experience has been that you should easily be able to let it sit for a couple months and still have at least 70% charge or so.

One thing to keep in mind is that while it has an output port that will supply power at 2A, its input port is only rated for 1A. It takes forever to charge these.

I bought one last year, and love it. Especially good for:

  • Long trips in airplanes, with multiple devices to charge
  • Long driving trips
  • Hospital stays
  • Backpacking

I charged it up (and ya, it takes a while to charge up in the first place) and a month or two later it still showed 97% charge.

Last time something similar came up someone posted a link here for more capacity and better reviews.Link to EC Technology’s Power bank with 22,400 mAH

My wife and I bought 2 of these in Sept, we love them, charge our kindles a couple times each, not to mention our phones. Bought these for our trip to Maui at Easter (just to charge our kindles on the flight) but we use these all the time. Especially when I am out of town for work, charges my phone fast!!!