Gorilla 16,800 mAh Battery Pack w/LED Screen



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Gorilla 16,800 mAh Battery Pack w/LED Screen
Price: $39.99
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Condition: New


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Can’t recommend this enough. Yeah, it’s heavy and bulky, and it takes the better part of the day to charge it up. But, once it’s charged, it will never die. I’ve recharged my iPhone 5S at least four times and it still shows a 30-35% charge. It’s also great for long phone conversations because it frees you up from being tied three feet from a power outlet.

Also, it has a flashlight. What more could you want?


Seconding djames, it’s a fantastic little brick of power.


Chiming in and thirding djames42’s comment. Bought one for me and one for my husband last year and they’re still working great. However, do not, I repeat, DO NOT, rely on the included cables. They are crap and will break, so make sure you have your own.


I’d like to know the difference between this and the life charge that is also currently being sold:

From what I can tell, they are the exact same items, save for the branding on them.


Device works well but charging wire is flimsy. After a few weeks the connection became loose and device stops charging every time the connection breaks. Customer Support from Gorilla is horrible. Contacted them for 4 weeks before someone got back to me. Then they wanted me to pay to ship the old wire to them so they could repair it. What… who fixes a wire. Good device if you use your own cable and hopefully you wont have to deal with Customer Service ever.


Like others above I got this a few months ago and give it a solid recommendation. Took it with me to the U.K. in September for Ryder Cup trip and it was a great asset during my small backpack-only adventure.

Heavy for its size, as others have said. I never used the cables that came with it but via my Google cable this charger kept my Nexus 5 phone and Google Glass topped off or away from the red zone all week long.

Thought the flashlight was a goofy add-on until I needed it in the middle of the night on a sleeper train to Scotland.


I wanted to chime in and recommend this as well. I got one the last time Woot offered it, and it has worked great. Charges my phone as quickly as if it was plugged into the wall, as opposed to other portable chargers I’ve had that charge slowly. And I can charge my phone all the way up multiple times from one charge on this battery.

Yes, it’s a little big, but it’s worth the size, and for this price, it’s a steal.


This will arrive in time for Xmas. The linked item will not.


Reviewers on Amazon claim they sometimes receive used units as new. Be ready to contact woot! support if the reviews hold water!


I bought one o these & it was junk. It would not charge & when I tried to return I was referred to manufacturer who told me I had to pay to ship it back to them & they might repair it for me. DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY ON THIS!!!


I did some extensive testing on two of these, because I ended up sending the first one back. The charging voltage drops very low when it’s plugged into an iPhone 6 or an iPad. And the charging rate on the iPad was not 2.1 A. So it won’t recharge anywhere near as fast as an Apple iPad charger.


Bought this last go round and it’s excellent…highly recommend it. I travel for work a lot and no longer do I have to search out outlets in the airport…worth every penny.

Have been using to charge both iPad Air2 and iPhone 5S and it’s worked great. Was recharging it every night, but that was overkill as it never got below 70%…can go 3-4 days without have to recharge it.

If you need something like this…buy it, buy it, buy it.


i was sent one of these back in august (the juicypack-branded version) as a sample for review by an amazon seller. at first, i was confident that it hit the mark with the claim of 16,800mah. lately though, it seems like it discharges at least as quickly as my new trent 11,000mah.

i can’t complain because i got it for free, but i don’t think i would pay $40 (let alone $65) for it when there are many cheaper, higher-capacity batteries on the market.


Can any current owner answer whether or not if the USB outputs are identified to let you know which is the 2A and which is the 1A port?

according to the specs listed, there is one of each: Input: DC 5V / 1A ; Output 1: DC 5V / 2A; Output 2: DC 5V / 1A

So one should provide faster charge than the other.


I have 2, a white one and a black one. My daughters use them often I have been able to charge up an iphone 5s at least 2 times on one charge and still had some battery left…

Bought one, loved it so much we bought another… Highly recommend…


Can someone tell me if there are UL listed lithium ion batteries inside this power bank? I am a little leery of these large chargers and the different types of lithium ion batteries that are used in them. Not all lithium ion batteries are the same when it comes to safety.