Gorilla 16,800 mAh Battery Pack w/LED Screen

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Gorilla 16,800 mAh Battery Pack w/LED Screen
Price: $39.99
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I have a few different brands, including this exact one sold, and overall, the Gorilla works really well for the price. I’ve never had it run out on a road trip.

Product Page with Reviews
4 pages of Discussion from last March’s Sale

So this has the Lightning adaptor but doesn’t work with the iPhone 6? It doesn’t state it won’t work with the 6, but it’s not listed either…

Let’s learn all about Gorilla Gadgets

Where do they get the “Led” display? Clearly it’s using an ‘Lcd’ display, that’s backlit.

“Lighting adapter” what is that?

He meant lightNing adapter.

What’s with the ‘compatibility list’ of phones? Does it not charge un-listed phones? It’s a USB port, why wouldn’t any phone with a USB charge cable be good to go?

(except for Apple who likes making things difficult!)

I got one of these last time around, and am happy with it. Works great with my iPhone and iPad Air. I’m not sure if it’s legal to bring it on airplanes, but I’ve never been hassled.

It comes with a cute micro USB cable that only does power - no data.

Anyone know what the actual capacity of these things is? Cuz if you don’t specify voltage, then you can make up any amperage and not be wrong.

Specs on their page linked above state:

  • Battery capacity: 16800 mAh
  • Life cycle: > 500 charge cycles
  • Charging time: About 15 to 18 hours
  • Weight: 12.2 oz
  • Dimension: 5.7 x 2.95 x 0.86 inch
  • Input: DC 5V / 1A ; Output 1: DC 5V / 2A; Output 2: DC 5V / 1A
  • Built-in flashlight: Double press to turn it on/off

Bought same one more than a year ago and it’s awesome. Great for traveling, camping, boating or just in case of power outages. Holds a full charge forever! I keep one in the cars emergency bag and one at home.


I bought two of these last year and have had problems with both. I contacted Gorilla Gadgets customer service and they treated me shamefully. After stringing me along for months, having me pay to send the units to them for exchange only to have the same units sent back to me and on and on, they refused to do anything to help me saying the return window had expired. The return window hadn’t expired when I first contacted them! BUYER BEWARE!

I took a quick peak at the manufacture’s home page and saw this under Compatability:

- All Apple devices.

However they added this and left out the plain iPhone 6. Based on this communication ability, I’m assuming they may have a marketing position open, at least in the near future.

  • Apple: iPhone 6(Plus) iPhone 5(s) (Lightning adapter included) / iPad Mini (2) / iPhone 4(s) / iPhone 3GS/ ipod touch / classic / nano / iPad 2/3/4 *

I bought two of these last year, one via Woot and one on Amazon because I needed it, and have had problems with neither. YMMV, but they have been very reliable in my hands. They do take awhile to charge fully from near zero to 100%, more than just overnight, but once charged they’re good for a couple of charges of a smartphone or ipad in my experience.

I bought two of these the last time. One works great with my iPad air & iPhone6, but the other one doesn’t seem to want to charge my husband’s iPad4? And when it does charge anything it takes forever - so may have gotten a lemon. The one I use works well, I can charge more than once. It does take a long time to “refill” it’s charge though.

I’ve got two of them and they work great, they don’t take too long to charge… and they charge my S4, my wifes Galaxy Tablet and her S4 just fine.

They KEY is to note the charging ports have different outputs. #2 is the one that does the best, #1 is a bit slow.

The LED light is OK, but I keep turning it on by clicking the button twice thinking it will turn off the LCD screen.

Also simply plugging doesn’t start to charge, you MUST push the button. A little annoying but I can live with it.

My friends are really jealous on road trips that I have all the battery life in the world.

I am actually sending them all a link to this so they can all pay for it and get their life back.

For the unaware:
Port 1 is rated at 1A
Port 2 is rated at 2A (if you have any tablets or heavier devices 2A would be used)