Gorilla 16,800 mAh Battery Pack w/LED Screen

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Gorilla 16,800 mAh Battery Pack w/LED Screen
Price: $29.99
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Shipping Estimates: Ships in 1-2 business days (Thursday, Feb 12 to Friday, Feb 13) + transit
Condition: New


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Seems like an okay deal

Bought this awhile back. Very pleased with it. I have charged my phone from about 30% to 100% 3 times and still have about 40% left on the battery pack. Very impressed. It is a bit bulky, so be prepared for that.

I purchased this a few weeks ago and so far so good. I know there were some complaints of it being used, but mine looked brand new.

Bought 1 in december and wanted to get another one. $10 off from previous posts, I am in!

These are great! I have had them for a year or so now, and they charge just about anything that I can charge from USB.
I get many charges to my phone, and several to my tablets, depending on the amount of charge in the battery pack.
The only drawback is that the battery pack takes a long time to charge. On the positive side, there is an LCD readout of how much battery power is left in the battery pack.

Do they charge faster than A/C at all? Rarely am I ever in a position that I can’t find a USB to plug into, but I am noticing that slow PC usb trickle isn’t cutting it anymore with my new phone. But I could just as easily carry around my A/C wall plug as a battery pack like this unless I was on the occasional fishing trip

so does this get its charge from a wall ac outlet?

It gets it’s charge from a USB cable so yes, you can plug it in to a wall adapter that takes a USB, or any other USB source of power.

I bought three of these a year or so ago and my GF uses hers all the time. I throw mine in my computer bag while on business trips so I will always have power at the airport or while stuck in a long meeting.

I also took one to NYC when I took my daughter there for spring break. After a long day of sightseeing and picture taking, we could plug both phones in and let them charge in my backpack for a while.

You might not use it a lot, but when you need it, it is very convenient.

I got one last summer for a trip to the U.K. and it’s exactly as advertised and as other commenters here said. A bit heavy but a fair trade for the capacity and performance. I laughed at the included flashlight … but then was thankful for it during an overnight sleeper train ride from London to Edinburgh.

Get one.

Does this have built-in cable storage or do I need to keep a USB cable with it?

I went to order one and then realized my phone came with a USB charger that I can plug in almost anywhere, and it only weighs about 1 oz.

No built-in storage.


have to replace mine out of the box it wont charge a phone or device at all. It starts and 30 seconds in it goes to sleep and quits charging anything