Gorilla Gadgets 20,000mAh Power Bank - 2pk

I have Gorilla Gadgets 11200 Powerbank and it stops charging after about 10 cycles.

…which sounds like a good thing, if I’m interpreting your message correctly. You’re saying it lasts a long time, not that it’s defective and won’t accept a charge after 10 charges–right?

Oh… and also, does the fact that it has 2 amp charging mean it supports quick charging? I’m a bit ignorant with this new charging technology, but I’ve been eyeballing a few power banks that support quick charging and I’d love to have two high capacity quick charging power banks for the price of one–or one and a half. Haha! I could give the other as a gift.

And no mention of this being refurb’d. It’s not, is it?

It is new, not refurbished. I’ve passed along your other questions to the vendor, so hang tight on answers for those!

Much appreciated!

I see it looks like this is no longer available on Amazon. Still seems like a good deal for two of them though.

Why doesn’t the manufacturer sell these?

All of their Uhuru line of power banks are actually buy one get one free on their website right now, but this one isn’t listed, and the next closest one in capacity is only 11,000mah or so…


Woot has long been known for offering good deals on closeout, discontinued, and end-of-life products.

Please clarify what you mean here…

I’m out. I’m going to go with something that has a little less unknowns about it.

Sorry for my bad English ))

I used my device about 10 times or something like, after which it is broken, that is, when charging - LEDs flash, as if all is well, but in fact there is no charge. And I’m not alone, there are similar comments in old sales.

I only need one. Can I get one for $20?

Sorry! These are only offered in a two-pack right now.

They shoot gorillas, don’t they?
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What’s used for charge level indication? I have a different model Gorilla with LCD display indication, but the segments got all wonky and it’s hard to tell what percentage it is, and no way to measure it from the outside. Assuming this uses simple LED bar graph display, how many LEDs are there in the display?

So this is verified to be a discontinued item? I like Genuine Gorilla Gear, but have bumped into too many knock off batteries to buy in too fast. This one smells funny… Maybe it’s just me.