Gorilla Gadgets 20,000mAh Power Bank - 2pk

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Gorilla Gadgets 20,000mAh Power Bank - 2pk
Price: $34.99
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I have a couple of these and like them. Two pack for that price is respectable.

Do these come retail packaged or just the power bank and cable in a box?

I’ve asked the vendor, but probably wont hear back till tomorrow. I’ll let you know what I find out!

UPDATE: These are packed individually, in retail packaging.

The set I bought last time came in what appeared to be individual retail packages. Not shrinkwrapped, but a plain brown box with a nicely printed white sleeve.

I’ve tried a lot of battery pack options; Gorilla is the best both ergonomically and in terms of performance.

Looks like these may be rebranded - originally LifeCharge which I bought on here a year ago. They were sold as 1A/2A but when they arrived and were tested were actually 1A/1A. Input and both outputs were 1 Amp on that device which means it will charge slowly. Just sayin’. http://electronics.woot.com/offers/jumbo-22-400-mah-dual-usb-powerpack-2pk

Different dimensions/weight:

Dimension: 5.7" x 2.95" x 0.86"
Weight: 12.2 oz

Dimensions: 6.54" x 3.15" x 0.9"
Weight : .98 lbs ea

Aargh! I ordered an Anker that’s being delivered today. Question re the Gorilla, specs state: Charging time: About 15 to 18 hours. That’s how long it takes to charge itself, how long it takes to charge a device, or how long it holds a charge when lost in the depths of my purse? I’m guessing the latter, but the assume adage comes to mind.

Nevermind, gonna pass - too many previous woot comments that the unit dies within 3 mos. C’mon w/my Anker!

I have the 16000 mAh version. It won’t charge two devices at the same time. Will these charge two devices at same time? I guess it doesn’t matter since you get two…
Also my pack will hold a charge for quite a while. Fully charged it dropped to 80% after 6 months of non use.

Is this compatible with Samsung S6 quick charging?

That’s how long it takes to charge the brick

Depends on the tech. My Note 3 charged quickly with 2amp. My LG V10, which uses Qualcomm’s QuickCharge, does not because the QuickCharge feature is built into the wall plug rather than the phone even though the power provided may be adequate to do so(2+ amps).

So, if the S6 is using the same tech as the Note 3, you should be good. But if it’s using Qualcomm’s QuickCharge, no.

Thx - I think that’s a God-awful long time. The BOGOs usually get me, but not today!

I’ve said this before, but will again.

These are great chargers, we call them power boxes at home and use them a lot. They do take a while to charge, but once charged, they can re-charge many devices over and over again.

That said, They will be a paper weight in 3-6 months. Either the output connector, or the input connector will fail and not make contact with the internals. Crappy terminals wear out from plugging in and out over and over again. Too bad for a portable power option.

Honostly, if what the person above is right i mean dude has a url, im sure he is for this price then no. The galaxys since the ‘5’ came out have been 2.4amps - 2.6amps.from what im seeing this pushes 1, in and out. Thats like the original iphone speed. Idk about the 7s but ide be surprised if they charged ur our phone from 0-100% in 1.6 hr

My first ever “Last Wooter to Woot”. Not sure why that excites me.