Gorilla Gadgets 20,000mAh Power Bank - 2pk

A must have in your pokemon hunters kit. Now you can hunt pokemon for 3x as long. F’yeah!!

One of my two charged to full, but after 1-2min of charging it will shut off, only connected to a single cell phone in either output port.

Attempting replacement via vendor will report back.

Update, vendor refusing to replace despite sale advertising that it’s warranty is through the vendor directly.

Now stuck with non functional device and no one will replace, splendid.

Ugh, sorry! Have you tried contacting Woot CS? Be sure to send your order info, along with your situation and issue with the warranty replacement.

Why would I contact woot? Sale page is explicit that vendor provides warranty, so I used said info to resolve the situation.

I don’t normally knee jerk and contact Woot but I do tend to give information in the description appropriate weight.

Per Gorillagadgets CS:

“Woot is aware of the warranty, and I can assure you your warranty is with them, I do not have a replacement to offer you since we do not carry that item, that woot exclusive item is only carried by them and they hold the warranty. Please contact woot I am sure they will take care of your replacement. We get a lot of confusion since they send out automated messages saying they don’t do exchanges since most of their items are a final sale and hold no warranty pass their refund period. On woot exclusive items, woot is well aware they need to cover your 6 month warranty through them”

The page for this item does not state warranty is through Woot, it clearly states it is through The Vendor.


If you’re having trouble with the stated warranty, though, or the product is defective, Woot CS can help. So, you’re welcome to send a message.

I wanted to follow up with my experience.

CS began to be helpful but did not answer questions of whether to return the product I needed to return the set or just one? I was told it was no longer for sale, yet Woot was selling them singularly in a different auction unless they can’t fix my item unless a pair of them is for sale on the site.

No one ended up answering said questions so I gave up,received a single replacement and sent the old back.

I notice new device has same issue (if full of charge but not used in X period of time it won’t work until you “jump” start it with a micro charge from the wall (defeating purpose of having power bank with you if you can’t get wall charge).

I advise others not to buy in the future, I purchased the Jumbo 22400 pair instead and do not see the same behavior.

Beyond the warranty description being inaccurate & misleading, misleading CS support and product with issues I’m concerned in how Woot started out for me and my experience now, no longer the same.

I also have bought defective Gorilla Gadgets. I tried to use for first time - showed charged - but won’t work. Trying to see if Woot will help out. Will keep everyone posted. Hopefully not same issue as Bunnymass