Gorilla Gadgets 20,000mAh Power Bank - 2pk

Not that great.


Bought one of these before but it only lasted a month and then wouldn’t charge/died.

Never again.

I love gorilla gadgets, have two of their smaller ones that have been going for about two years now. Went and got one of these last time it was up, didn’t even last two weeks before it wasn’t charging. Was able to get a refund, but can’t recommend this model.

You should have contacted Woot. One of mine didn’t work correctly and they resent the whole order.

Got 2 of these for 35 + 5. Gifted one to an avid Pokemon Go player. Haven’t heard any complaints.

Mine is still going strong as well, though I do have another cheap one I use more frequently.

Agree! Horrible service out of the current ones, had one from Woot , same vendor with LED window & worked awesome till it recently started to stop charging phones b/t 95-93% full charge. Old models were rock solid. Hate these new ones, like Micah said the issue was.

I’d return all for a refund but w/o required original paperwork & box for return I’m screwed.

Really more mad at Woot for advertising the warranty is served by vendor, not them (which it looks like they finally fixed). Spent an angry discussion with Gorrilla on email about replacing them when a previous sale said vendor filled the warranty duty. Not pleasant experience.

Personally I’d go w/ the Jumbo 22400 ones if they return.

I bought 4 of these the last time they were offered, at a higher price I might add, and they all work great. We wanted them for Pokemon and camping, etc… Beware, they do not offer fast charging, but once they are charged, they last for what seems like forever.

Two pack for $20.99 is a good deal! I always buy one 20000mAh power bank for at least $12. So this price is great!

Worked well for all of the 180 day warranty but died very shortly thereafter!

6 month warranty
died at month 8

won’t charge any more

Bought two:

One died at 11 months (internal incoming charge connection rattling loose inside).
((6 month warranty ;( ))

Other still going fine.

Anybody know how to open these up?