Gorilla Gadgets Power Banks

It always bothers me that they don’t give you Wh. the assumption would be that the mAh rating is at 5 volts, but it could be that it has a 3.7V lipo at that mAh rating that it steping up. I feel like you would be better off buying a lipo.

I know exactly what you mean, it kinda feels like they are trying to con you sometimes. Oh lovely people at Woot, do you have this information on hand?

@FenStar and @morifi, which items are you interested in? Can you post a link?

How do you charge these things, exactly? I see that is says it takes 10-11 hours for a full charge, but I don’t see anything that says you can plug it into a regular wall outlet.

Unfortunately, the Gorilla Gadgets website isn’t much help. It appears that these power banks probably charge via USB, though. Maybe someone who has one of these can chime in and confirm for us.

For these battery pack with huge capacity, I would recommend charge it through a wall charger with USB port rather than USB port on computer.

All of them are like this, and it’s a valid argument so long as the battery is rated as such.

Multiply the advertised rating by 2/3rds for roughly the output at 5V.

Yes, but then you need the voltage boost circuitry for the output, a way to recharge them, a case … no, you’re not going to be ahead DIY-ing this.

These external battery packs are plentiful nowadays, made/distributed by many companies, so go by company reputation/price/specs.

What happens if you plug the USB end of the micro-usb cable into the battery pack, and the micro-usb end into the micro-usb port of the battery pack?

Does anyone know if these will work with an Asus Transformer Pad, model t700? I’ve purchased three power banks of different brands and none of them will work while I’m actually using the tablet. If not, does anyone know of a workaround or a brand that does?

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Timetravel via an explosion creating a ripple in the space-time fabric of reality.

Or hopefully they have an automatic switch off…
No idea if they do, but if I had designed it I would have an automatic switch off built in for when it’s plugged into itself.

What happened when you plug in three power banks in your hand?

Could translate this into English?

Electrons racing against each other in the loop circuit,

Methinks it is not the chargers, it is the TABLET. Do you have an AC charger and does it run while charging with that?

I think it the power required to recharge itself will exactly match the power output of the battery thus creating a perfect perpetual-charging device. But, any attempt to measure it would create an energy imbalance upsetting the perfect balance and therefore it will eventually drain itself.

So as long as you don’t attempt to measure the energy, it will re-charge itself perfectly for all eternity.


blow up.

Pretty sure none of this sort of thing will work with a Transformer pad. Not 100% sure the tf700 does this, but I know my tf300 requires a special charger that switches between 15V and 5V to ‘fast charge’ - check your charger, it probably says it has 15V output.

Watts = Volts * Amps.
They give us the Amp rating (integrated to mAh), but don’t give us the voltage that amp rating was taken at or the total Watt hours. So they could be measuring the Amp hours at 3.7 volts (the full charge voltage of the internal batteries) - which means when you transform 10,000 mAh from 3.7V to 5V (the voltage output of a USB port), you will actually have only 7,400 mAh available.

Does anyone know if either or both of these parts are actually made by Apple:

“Apple 30-pin to Micro-USB adapter”

“Exclusive bonus: Apple lightning to micro-USB adapter ($19.99 value)”

I would assume they are since it does say “Apple” in it, but I just want to make sure.


This looks like the same charger to me. If so, it has very good ratings.